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Quite often I’m asked by people at SAP about Adobe product roadmaps, especially for Flex and or the Flash player.  One of the positive things about the Flex SDK being open sourced is almost complete transparency to the development community. 


Adobe’s Mike Chambers has compiled a really fantastic list of all of the current communications, including some stunning Flex 360 keynote demos that show our new design workflow and Thermo, as well as detailed features and benefits to be included in the new release.  You can actually d/l nightly builds and play around with it as well. 


I’d love to capture feedback from all of you at Community Day, so please come up and talk to me if you feel any features are missing from the SAP perspective…


For those too lazy to hit the link, I’ll paste some of the content below- 



About a month ago, the Flex team announced that nightly builds of the next version of Flex (code named Gumbo) were now available on the opensource Flex site. Along with early versions of the SDK, the team also posted a ton of other information, including specs and API docs.

Below is a listing of links and resources about Gumbo / Flex 4. Going through these will quickly get your up to speed on what is being worked on in Flex 4, and get your ready for playing around with the new builds.

Official opensource project page

Flex 4 Downloads

Gumbo Themes

An Introduction to the Gumbo Component Architecture

Flex 4 Language / API Reference

The Next Dimension of Rich Experiences (360 Flex Keynote) Mark Anders

Flex SDK Next Plan (Matt Chotin)

Flex 4 Skinning Architechture : Deepa Subramaniam

Designer / Developer Workflow in Flex 4 (Ely Greenfield)

Feature Specifications
View all specifications.

Podcast : The Future of Flex : Matt Chotin on the Flex Show–Episode-49-The-Future-of-Flex-with-Matt-Chotin

More Resources
Flex Developer Forums

Flex Team Blog

Sean Moore also has a good link round up on his blog.

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