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Fantastic AIR tool for anyone who does UI mockups…

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for about a month- its one of the more interesting and practical AIR apps I’ve seen recently.


It’s also quite successful, which is usually one of the more exciting side effects that result from the way Adobe goes to market with technology like this, basically releasing the tools with a few small examples, and then letting developers and creative professionals build whatever they can imagine. 


I think the last time we saw a whole eco-system boom with a technology and toolkit like this was really with initial release of Flash, which AIR is really just an extension of, allowing those same developers to leverage their skills in new ways.


For those interested in more sophisticated UI design workflows that incorporate tools like Photoshop, that actually generate working Flex containers with MXML, much of this can be done today using Adobe Fireworks.


For a glimpse of the next generation, also check out Thermo, also featured in my previous blog post.


I’ll be showing a licensed copy of balsamiq mockups at Tech-Ed and Community Day, so come by and check it out! 

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