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What do you expect? …Java @ SAP Redux

   The initial results from the Java @ SAP Java @ SAP – do we meet your expectations? are pretty interesting. I am asking the question, “Do SAP Java products, applications, and technologies meet your expectations?” Clearly there’s agreement that SAP Java could be better (with simplicity mentioned most often), but there’s also agreement on positives (improved supportability with SAPJVM) and best of all there are some constructive ideas. Of course, I’ve also found out that the survey itself could be better…. If you want to jump right to the latest survey and give your feedback, here it is. If you are interested in why I am conducting the survey you can jump to the original blog that explains the topic of Java @ SAP – do we meet your expectations?.

   In part II of the survey project I have refined the questions with the goal of generating more comments – because it is the comments that really get to the most interesting feedback. As with any survey, the questions need to be good enough to get at the interesting information. For the second part I’ve tried to put the focus on the level of project phases (Planning, Installation/Configuration, Operations, and Development) and also opened up some more general topics related to basic characteristics such as documentation, landscape concepts, scalability, and error handling.

   I’ll share a few quotes, just to highlight that the most important feedback for me is constructive and honest. Constructive feedback proposes a solution to a problem that it mentions, and surely you the users can propose some of the best ideas.

“SAP should better adapt java technologies (such as maven2) rather than build its own (adapt maven2 and build sap-tech on top). This would make the world of java-guys much easier. ABAP-guys don’t understand THAT Java stuff at all.”

“The high complexity of the SAP J2EE stack when compared to other vendors is a real negative, if you want uptake in the market for Java then get onto the latest JVMs, simplify the stack and make the UIs more intuitive.”

   I am posting an updated survey – same topic, but a different format and fewer questions. Hopefully this version improves on simplicity. Maybe you will find it more mature too. Take the survey please – and remember that I’ll be doing a limited number of in person interviews at TechED Las Vegas so give me your contact info if you are going to be there and would like to chat. 

Java Maturity Survey Redux    

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