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Congratulations to the 2007-2008 Top Contributors

UPDATED! The process is now complete, all Top Contributors have been notified, those who did not respond and had ample chance will unfortunately miss out on some cool activities otherwise I am happy to report that the new contest year is also officially started and we will be updated the entire process and informing the community after the Bangalore TechEd, new items are in the works to make 2008-2009 even more interesting for our “Expert Contributors”!!

UPDATED! My apologies to those members who were left off the list 🙁 

Finally, after a lot of effort and work to ensure we had an accurate picture of the folks who have worked hard to earn their respective positions of leadership for their topic it is my pleasure to announce to you your SAP 2007-2008 Top Contributors, these individuals will be your representatives to the SAP Community Network team and will be helping to define the course of the SCN communities over the course of the next year. Please join me in congratulating them on a job well done. Recognition as thought leaders and topic experts is not an easy thing to achieve and these individuals are well on their way to achieving just that!

For this past year we had 23 categories that one could define themselves in, the results are in, tallied and totaled and looking good!



























































  Praveen Gudapati


























































































Anji Reddy Vangala ABAP Development
Naimesh Patel ABAP Development
as ABAP Development
Vudhamari Bharath Kumar Business Information Warehouse
Chintan Doshi Business Information Warehouse
Jitu Krishna Business Information Warehouse
Ted Ueda Business Objects
Ludek Uher Business Objects
Fritz Feltus Business Objects
Brian Bischof Business Objects

Muthu Ranganathan

Business Objects
Suda Sampath Business One
Jimmy Michael Business One
David Nussböck Business One
Richard Hirsch Business Process Expert
Prkash Darji Business Process Expert
Ginger Gatling Business Process Expert
Ganesan Lakshmipathi Business Solutions
Rajesha Vittal Business Solutions
Kishore Kumar Chiluka Business Solutions
Steve Winkler Business Standards
Mark Crawford Business Standards
Thomas Weiss Business Standards
Maria Jurova Community/General
Jeanne Blicharz Community/General
Galina Petrova Community/General
Markus Döhr Database and OS Platforms
Kaushal Malavia Database and OS Platforms
Lars Breddemann Database and OS Platforms
Enterprise Portal
Dafna Yanay Enterprise Portal
Harini Subramanian Enterprise Portal
Amir Glatt ESA
Meryl Lobo ESA
Joerg Nalik ESA
Swarup Sawant Exchange Infrastructure
Prateek Raj Srivastava Exchange Infrastructure
N V Seshagiri Exchange Infrastructure
Praveen Gudapati Knowledge Management
Christopher Kaestner Knowledge Management
Vijayakumar Kanniah Mohan Knowledge Management
Srini Vas Master Data Management
Ankur Ramakumar Goel Master Data Management
REMOVED FOR CHEATING! Master Data Management
Jitesh Talreja Master Data Management
Oliver Kaluscha Mobile Infrastructure
Stefan Wawrzinek Mobile Infrastructure
Sivakumar V Mobile Infrastructure
Durairaj Athavan Raja SAP NetWeaver Application Server
Siddhesh Ghag SAP NetWeaver Application Server
Raja Thangamani SAP NetWeaver Application Server
Juan Reyes SAP NetWeaver Platform
Arghadip Kar SAP NetWeaver Platform
Peter Gutsche SAP NetWeaver Platform
Dipankar Saha SAP xApps
Abesh Bhattacharjee SAP xApps
Mussarrat Husain SAP xApps
Alvaro Tejada Galindo Scripting Languages
William Gardella Scripting Languages
Daniel McWeeney Scripting Languages
Jens Koster Security
Alex Ayers Security
Julius Bussche Security
Jim Spath Technologies
Jeremy Good


Abesh Bhattacharjee Technologies
Ayyapparaj KV Web Dynpro
Armin Reichert Web Dynpro
Chris Whealy Web Dynpro
Chris Whealy Web Services
Martin Raepple Web Services
Frederic-Pascal Ahring Web Services
Marcus Shiffer Web Services
Nirav Goradia Web Services


Congratulations to one and all for a job well done! The following is a snippet of the note that I sent to each and everyone one of these Top Contributors (hopefully by the time everyone is reading this they all had a chance to read their mail already). 

Back in 2003 when I joined SDN, yes it was just SDN back then I had no idea that 5 years later on the 5th anniversary of the “Clubhouse” at TechEd and in my celebration of my 5th year in the community that I would find myself writing such a mail to recognize the hard work of so many others! It’s been a great 5 years and I am glad you are able to step into the ranks of Top Contributors of years past to share this with me!

Many of you might not realize but over the years I have often relied on a group of community members I refer to as the “SDN Advisory Council” it’s been an anonymous or better said a secret group of “Community Influencer’s” who have helped to direct and shape the course of SDN and the other communities over the years. This has always been an informal group of trusted community members and this year I’ve decided to take the opportunity to formalize that a bit by inviting each and everyone one of the Top Contributors to a new forum created just for them, they will have that opportunity now to shape the future of our communities! Remember this year is about the power Forget the 1 Million… have!

For those of you attending one of the SAP TechEd events will also be able to find these folks as well as the SAP mentors and many of the SAP TechEd speakers inside the Community Clubhouse in the “Networking Lounge” or you can even use the “Social Networking – Beta Release” tool to search for them ahead of time!

This of course brings up a point of interest do you actually know what levels we have here within the various communities? I don’t mean points or anything I mean the levels of “influence”?  Two of these levels are related to a specific point number however the rest are related to strong contributions and continuously leading by example and showing the way for others in the community.

  1. Consumer, someone who visits listens and learns from others in the community.
  2. Participant, someone who has been here and now decides to begin to share their knowledge and experience as well.
  3. Contributor, this is someone who has taken the time to learn the ins and outs of the community and put forth some effort once they reach a 100 well earned points we consider them to be a “Contributor” and therefore give them the opportunity to show themselves as well as let us know who it is they really are via the “Profiles” – the profiles help the rest of the community get to know, understand add credibility to what it is you are telling them.
  4. Active Contributors, these are the folks who have continue to be active in the community and have reached the yearly milestone of 250 points – we really start to watch these folks for our “diamonds in the rough” the folks who we might consider for our level 6 at some point.
  5. Top Contributors, the folks I mentioned above really. These are the people who look at once a year specific to each of the categories we offer and has no real direction relation to points as each area is different and some will be more active than another so we look to what the people are doing and creating and these are the people who make it to the top of our list for level 6.
  6. “Community Influencer’s” this is a very small group, a handful really in each of the communities who we consider through their past actions to be leaders in the community be it for their specific topics or the community in general these are people that we value their opinions very highly and we often seek them out for advice and suggestions.

Beyond that SAP has of course the “SAP Mentor Program” initiative where through strong contribution and showing yourself as being a thought leader you have a chance to be nominated! We also look highly to our level 5 and 6 for potential new How Grateful We Are For All Our ‘M’s, and even as “Community Reporters“.

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