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Ugly rumor confirmed re: Hacker Night

In a Twitter conversation rumbling around the internet, I heard that Mike Prosceno, who runs SAP’s Blogger Program will be attending Hacker Night at the upcoming TechEd Las Vegas venue. But there is more. My sources tell me that Mike plans to write code. From his Twitterstream:

“The jitters are strong motivation.  I love this ****.  BTW, I’m going to join hacker night and write my first bit of code.  Talk about jitters.”

Remember that (unless you are an inveterate Twitterer) you heard it first here on SDN. And if you want to see a suit trying to make his bones in the geek world, this is an event not to be missed. 

As an aside, I’m turning up to RIA Hacker night, strictly as an observer. (ahem)

But seriously – Mike has been one of the strongest supporters of people like myself who regularly criticize SAP at the business level. He’s the “go-to guy” for those of us that need senior level access. His volunteering to put himself into the RIA Hacker Night bear pit just added an extra ‘spice’ to proceedings. Rock on!

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      • No way Anne. It is our job to make sure that Berlin rocks. Who cares if they have Jimmy Wales (king pin of one of the worlds premier websites written in PHP)
        We will make Community Day, TechEd, Demo Jam and H4ck3R N1GhT rock.


  • That’s not so far away, either, and I haven’t seen much talk about Berlin yet.
    I’m a first-time TechEd-er, so I need some guidance – can I code, too???? 😉
  • If I recall properly Dennis, you and I attended Hacker Nite last year, very attentively, and yet not one bit of code written between us.  Or did I miss some wee morning hacking?
    • Craig Cmehil told me there’s beer at Hacker Night. That does it for me. As to code…what’s that? I do nifty Morse as in … — …
  • I’m sorry to “dissapoint” everyone but I won’t be at hackernight in LV.   I’m required to be in NY so I have to fly out that night.   However, I do plan to go to hacker night in Berlin — That’s where the “Magic” will happen. 

    See you in LV and in Berlin!