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MDM Workflow allows respective user to get notification through an email after the successful completion of any particular step in the workflow.

Sample Business Scenario for E-Mail Notification:

An automated Notification should be send to the respective user (admin) via E-Mail whenever Approver approves all the records which are successfully validated.

Following are the steps:


  • Setup in MDM Data Manager:     

Create a Validation: Go to Validation Tab –> create Validation by right clicking under the Validations Pane –> set all the properties.

(validation should have the Automatic Execution type property set to None) and create validation expression for validating the Product Name field. For EX: Is_Not_Null(Name)).


Create a Workflow: Select the Workflows table from the dropdown list located on the toolbar –> Right Click on the Records Pane and select Add from the Context Menu –> Configure all the settings under the Record Detail Pane –> Enter the Trigger Action according to the business requirement i.e. either the workflow should be launched immediately or manually by the user. (Here we set as Manual for manually triggering of workflow)   



Then click in the “workflow” field to invoke Visio –> Design the workflow and specify

the step properties for each step of the workflow:




The various variables for job-specific information is used in the Subject and Body properties of a user-defined Notification step to automatically populate the values from MDM in E-Mail Notification as mentioned in the screenshot below: 



For Example: %RepositoryName% is used for Repository Name, %TableName% is used for Table name for which you design the workflow, %JobName% is used to populate the workflow name, %Records% is used to populate the Record id and Display Fields of the job records (records which are added to the workflow) etc.For the output mail of the mentioned above E-Mail Body Text in the screenshot, refer the workflow execution Step.


  • Setup in MDM Console:

Go to MDM Console –> Under the Admin Section, Check whether all the users of Repository have a valid email address attached to it for an E-Mail Notification.



  • Setup in MDS.ini File:

Go to the MDM Server Directory “C:\Program Files\SAP MDM 5.5\Server” –> Open mds.ini file –> Configure Mail Server Property (Name or IP Address of the Mail Server) under the specific repository property (EX: Mail Server = 12.34.456.78 or “Mail”)



The timeout for mail server responses is 1 sec (By default in mds.ini as Mail SMTP Timeout = 1). If MDM doesn’t receive a response from the mail server within the timeout period, it aborts the email task and does not attempt to resend the email.  One can adjust the timeout period in the mds.ini file.Also, MDM verifies the first “sender” and “recipient’ email addresses for an email notification. If these are not valid, MDM aborts the email task and logs the error in the Workflows log.After changes made in mds.ini file, restart the MDM Server.


  • Workflow Execution:

In Data Manager –> Select the MDM Objects (Data Records) which you want to add in the workflow –> Add them into the workflow by right clicking on the selected records. Select workflow –> Add to Job –> workflow name.



Launch the workflow by right clicking on the task under the Workflow Tab.



Once all the users complete theirs tasks in the designed workflow, an automated mail will be sent to the users who are mentioned in the Notify step of Workflow as mentioned in the screenshot below:




By following the steps, it is possible to integrate above workflow (or any workflow) within portal:

  1. UWL (Universal Worklist): The UWL gives users unified and centralized way to access their work and the relevant information in the portal. It collects tasks and notifications from multiple provider systems. One can expose MDM workflow functionality on Portal using UWL.
  2. JAVA API’s: MDM Java API consists of set of classes related to MDM workflows through which one can create an application that provide the MDM workflow functionality and expose the application as an iView in the portal. 


I hope this blog will be useful for real time while configuring the MDM workflows in Data Manager.

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  1. Former Member
    sourabh if we have aproxy server when is to be enabled while sending the mail alerts where should i provide the proxy server details????????????

    Appreciate You early response

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hello Sainath,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      You have to specify the Ip Address of proxy server or its name in the “Mail Server =” property in the mdm.ini file and then restart your MDM Server also make sure that SMTP should be configured on the proxy server which you are going to use for email notification.




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