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How to search through SAP Help within Enterprise Portal


SAP Help is a huge source to find information regarding SAP technologies. Having this source integrated in your own portal for searching is a great benefit. This Weblog describes step-by-step how you can integrate SAP Help Portal in your own portal for indexing and searching.


h4. Used Technologies:

NetWeaver Portal 7.0 SP 15 including Knowledge Management & Collaboration


h4. Limitations:

As searching the whole SAP Help will index too much resources, this blog is focused on how to search through SAP Help Netweaver 7.0.


h4. Implementation/Configuration Steps

Step 1: Create a HTTP System

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  • Hi Denis

    A good example of indexing an external web site with KM!

    For those who follow steps without looking at the exact typing, if you are in a non-German location, you might want to have the URLs mentioned end in /en rather than /de. You could also pick a subset of the help content by being a bit more selective in the URL…

    Out of curiosity, how long did it take for the first index run?

    • Hi Michael,

      thank you very much for you reply. Of course you are more flexible in the URL’s. I should have mentioned that. My configuration is only an example and you can use English notation, too.
      Nevertheless indexing SAP Help takes some time, because there are so much html-files which should be indexed. That it is why I restrict TREX from indexing only for SAP Netweaver 7.0 (see start page in Web Site) and only 15 hierarchy levels (see Crawler Parameter). I don’t know exactly how long it has taken. I think it was about 30 minutes.

      Best regards,

  • We have Portal A which is configured to TREX1, we have created certain indexes on portal A and are able to perform searches on Portal A.

    Now we have Portal B also in landscape which will also be configured to same TREX1, once we create indexes on Portal B, will I be able to search from Portal A indexes of Portal B and vice versa?

    What are the possible solutions to implement this.
    Do I need to implement federated search? or I should be good as there is only one TREX box to which both portals are attached.