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Consuming Enterprise WebService in Visual Composer-4

In the Previous Consuming Enterprise WebService in Visual Composer-3 we have seen the necessary configuration required for publishing the EServices into the SR and the configurations related to consumption of these services using Visual Composer. For this exercise we are going to make use of standard Enterprise service, which displays LIST OF ALL OUTBOUND DELIVERIES for a SELLER ID. Before consuming the service in visual composer as a standard practice we would test the service in Service Registry.

1) Navigate to the Service Registry (http://Hostname:50000/webdynpro/dispatcher/    

2) Search for the service “OutboundDeliverySimpleByCustomerQueryResponse_In“, the state of the service should be “configured.

3) Click on Endpoint Tab and submit TEST.

4) Enter the necessary details and test the service.

Once the test for the Service is completed using Service Registry we are ready to consume the service in Visual Composer. Following are the step by step process which can be followed.


  • Login to Visual Composer (http//Hostname:50000/VC).
  • Click on new Model.
  • Select Composite View and enter the name and package (As shown in the figure below).

Create a Model


  • Click on the search Button available on the right panel.
  • From the Dropdown select Service Registry.
  • Click on advance Search. ( If the server name is having FQDN in the Webservice and while defining in SLD we have given short name then it will not show us the list or the Group Classification has not been done).

Advance Search

  • Enter the small name of the service and click on Search as shown in the figure.

Search Service

  • Expand the service and drag and drop the service on the Panel.
  • Test the service ( at times it will fail because of nested structure so it is advisable to continue if the error message displays check during runtime).

Test Error

  • Attach an input form to the Webservice as shown.
  • Attach an output table to the webservice , select the Data which needs to be displayed on the screen.
  • Save the model and project.

Final Model

  • Click on deploy (right hand side tool panel).

  • Once the code is complied and deployed, click on the name of the iview it will open a browser screen for you.

  • Enter the required data and here comes the result.


Point to be Noted:-

  • Make sure full qualified name is not used. If used make an entry in the hosts file.
  • Test the service in SR before using it in VC. 
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