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Consuming Enterprise WebService in Visual Composer-3

It’s been some time since I have blogged anything on SDN, so thought of coming back to blogging form the place I left. The Previous series of blog showcased 0.1. ,


The new Series of blog provides a step by step for the beginner to consume Enterprise Webservice in Composite Environment. In this blog i would mention the necessary Configuration in order to consume a webservice from

Enterprise Services Repository&Registry

Following are the Steps which needs to Performed (Assumption , we already have

CE Installed

 having ESR installed and SAP ERP ECC 6 having ECC_SE ESA FAST TRACK (ERP) 2005 Software Component) :-

  • Create an Enterprise registry parameter.(WSPARAM)

  • Create a Logical port pointing to the Service registry.(LPCONFIG)

  • Publish the service in the repository (WSPUBLISH)

For Step 1-4 refer to the documents already available on SDN.

0.1. __


Login to the Service repository to check whther the service is published or not. (http://hostname:/rep  (http://hostname/rep) OR

). Check the state whether the service which you have published is having state as “Configured”. If the service state is “Activated/Deployment” this means that the service has not been released from the R/3 system and thus does not have a endpoint.h6. once the services are relased , publish the services again in SR. the advantage with this is that we dont have to enter any data.

Once the SR is configured, we need to define the necessary system in CE system for Visual composer to connect to SR.With CE 7.0 SP5 it is preconfigured. If it is not configured following are the necessary steps.


Open NWA (http:///nwa  (http://%3Clocalhost%3E/nwa))0.1.

Navigate to SOA Management>Technical Configuration>Destination template management.0.1. Click on Create Destination.


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