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Blending Business Process Management and SOA at TechEd 2008

Hi All,

Ever wondered why and how to tell the Business Process Management story in conjunction with the SOA story? The TechEd 2008 session BPM 103 “Blending Business Process Management and SOA” (Las Vegas / Berlin / Bangalore) covers the following topics:

Linkage between BPM and SOA

  • Why BPM and SOA need a “Tandem Approach”
    Understand why BPM and SOA needs a close relationship and how this approach is realized within current customer projects.
  • The Business View on SOA
    Literature talks about the connection between business and IT while explaining the SOA principles. Currently solid concepts are available that bring the IT side into the boat of SOA. But showing the benefits and possibilities to the business side still needs improvement. This session shows how you can directly involve the business side in the path to SOA.
  • Principles of BPM and SOA Governance
    SOA related change management concepts can be implemented to bring the business and it perspective on the same track. This session shows the basic linkage between Business Process Management and SOA governance
  • Tool Landscape Example
    Understand a possible tools landscape that connects BPM and SOA principles.

Become a Business Process Expert

After getting an insight into all these different topics you may wonder how you can reach a corresponding level of expertise to implement such concepts. Well this session also covers information about the new certification tracks for business process experts. 

  • The Role of a Business Process Expert
    Understand the role of a Business Process Expert, his/her responsibilities and tasks within customer projects or daily work.
  • Skills and Target Group
    Get an understanding of needed skill sets and possible tracks for your education (associate / professional / master).
  • BPMX Curriculum and Certification
    Understand the content of the curriculum and the courses that are part of the Business Process Management Certification for Business Process Experts.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Ann Rosenberg and I, we will be on spot to run this session.

Looking forward to seeing you at TechEd 2008

Marc Dietrich

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