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Change Tracker – Expanding the New Horizon of Data

Change tracking term always highlights the part of monitoring of particular. In case of data management it always plays a big role. As far as master data is concerned Change tracker is going to play big role in MDM tool. MDM can track changes on tables and fields. The level of change tracking, and which tables/fields to track, is configurable in the MDM. MDM opens a new database on the same database engine as the MDM repository and writes all change records to this database.

Here if Consider Instead of impacting the load on the same database engine Best practice can be to connect two database engines with some UI standards Recognized interface. Which can increase the dimensions of MDM. It Can also set the new standards for monitoring the Master Data and as well as its other aspects. As per The Change Tracker is an application which provides a convenient UI for displaying and viewing changes as stored in the MDM Change History database.

The Change Tracker application connects to the database via a JDBC connection. this parallel processing enables fast restoration and synchronization of mirrored copies of data, while having minimal effect on performance of applications using the data. It would perhaps one of the last few complex nuts left to crack, and functionality can be increased.



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