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366 days of blogging on SDN^H^H^HSCN

I was going to say it’s been a year since I started publishing blogs on SDN, but then realized it’s been more than a “normal” year since 2008 is a leap year, a US election year in fact (finally).

So the title of this is 366 days of blogging, which is not to say I’ve blogged 366 times.  It’s really only 70 times, with 1 unpublished blog that will probably stay that way until I delete it. OK, 71, counting this one.

My first blog was on Unicode.  Pretty dry stuff, but a necessary evil.

The chart below relates to a blog I wrote called “blog on blog” where I tried to gauge the acceptance rate of my blogs.  I tried to redo the chart this morning on my EditGrid SDN tracking chart, but could not get the axes to re-size, so was forced to do it the old-fashioned way in Excel.  


 Here’s the same chart, from the last update in March 2008:

One of my blogs went below the 3,000 rank since then.  Still a ways to go to break into the top 10 ;-). 

Here’s the one that isn’t working.  Note that editgrid went from 7 million to 12 million objects in under 6 months.

While there are still hurdles with ASUG’s blogging, I’ve now written 2 as Moby Tech, and am encouraging my BITI peers to do likewise.  As I’ve also written nearly 100 in the past year on my personal site, I think it’s possible for nearly anyone to publish good material (links to those blogs = ).  The rest are visible on my SCN profile page.


Lastly for now is Craig Cmehil‘s AIR application. Today on his Friday Morning Report on Kyte TV he talked about developing with this tool.  I downloaded that app that he shared, but given the challenges of testing and verifying hundreds of pieces of software for our corporate desktops, I’ll need a business case to get past the warnings shown here.



Blag’s blogs

(And, his The specified item was not found. from March 2007)

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  • Jim:

    Congratulations on your first 366 days of blogging on SCN!

    I’m so glad to see how many blog you have been written -:D

    I remember when we talk at the Community Clubhouse in Vegas 07…You told me that you could reach my blog number…I’m currently on 78…So you need only 7 more to tie and 8 to win…Pretty impressive…Keep going! -:D



    • Blag:  Thanks, amigo!
      I’ve updated your blog data and added a live view above, plus a link to your 1-year anniversary blog.  Very nice that we think alike, even if 18 months apart.  Jim