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Wow a year has passed by so quickly. I still remember writing about what we did with TechEd, Las vegas, My session eSOA 105, and Gliffy launch. The session I did with Puneet Suppal, eSOA Session 105 about How To Transform from an IT, Application, or Business Consultant to a Business Process Expert has been a huge success and is to date the most visited free virtual TechEd session.

Right now many BPX community members and our BPX and community team is in full force preparation, almost like the olympic games for TechEd 2008. This year is even better than last year.

We have been really building out  your BPX community up to over 425,000 members, Similarly to last year I get to meet all of our top contributors, mentors, aspiring BPX members, and get to see the BPX community “live” in action at the community day and clubhouse.

I am looking forward to meeting you all. In preparations for TechEd there has been tons of activities to make your experience one of the best ever. In the next weeks blog series I will reveil what will happen and what is planned to all of you .

So here we go….

We will we have BPX community day the day before TechEd starts

BPX Certification panel – some of the education experts and myself will talk about When BPX Certification Stars Align

BPX sessions -13+ BPX sessions to date that will help your BPX career get kick started

Speed Networking We believe for us this is the most important activity

There will be 150+ BPX sessions: One of the sessions will held by me together with Capgemini’s BPX head in the USA:Puneet Suppal: the Session ID is BPM104.. please join me or add it to your agenda…


 Last year we talked about how to become a BPXer… it is almost like the movies: Die hard 1 and now the sequel Die hard 2 🙂  let me know which one was better for you !

The Business Process Enterprise Imperative: Business Process Experts in Action

This session will pull together the role and skills of a Business Process Expert in the context of making imapcts at your customer sites. SAP’s direction, and the use of business process modeling tools. This session will be a discussion of what can be done going forward by Business Process Experts, their organizations, and the role of composition tools to achieve process and operational excellence (including leveraging service-oriented architecture). This will be presented in the context of working to help the organization evolve to a “Business Process Enterprise.” A Business Process Enterprise is one where the organization is organized around and driven by processes. Specifically, some key aspects that will be covered are:

  • An understanding of the importance of attaining process excellence – to drive process model innovation and to evolve the organization to a Business Process Enterprise.
  • Understanding the role of the Business Process Expert to bridge the IT-Business divide and act as a catalyst for the Business Process Enterprise imperative
  • An understanding of the importance of Business Process Experts to drive process excellence, and what Business Analysts, Application Consultants, even “ABAPers” skills need to evolve to become Business Process Experts
  • Learn SAP’s direction with the Business Process Expert community and the tools it is providing to further enable Business Process Experts.
  • An understanding of the role a Business Process Expert is expected to play in the future with respect to SAP’s future offerings 
  • A glimpse of new modeling capabilities from SAP, and its future promise in how it can be used to drive newer process models

This session should inspire attendees to learn more about how to become a Business Process Expert and gain proficiency with tools such as SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management; the more senior ranking attendees should be inspired to move their organization toward becoming a Business Process Enterprise.

My next blog will be about : During three days of TechEd, what is on tap for the BPX community members and the BPX community book.

I am truly so much looking forward to see everyone at TechEd !


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