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The Secret of Success for Pacific Coast Feather Company in China! Hint…it’s related to BPX.

As a marketing professional, reporting a success story is always a highlight of my job. A success story is a real world account of an event that provided tangible results. It proofs that something really works! 


Take the success story of customer Pacific Coast Feather Company (PCFC) – a Seattle-based manufacturer of down pillows, comforters and feather beds – who needed advice for their expansion into China.  The challenge PCFC faced: How to set up a chart of accounts to meet Chinese financial reporting regulations. 


Marielena Withnell, the Director of Business Information Systems at PCFC describes it like this:  “Not knowing much about how SAP accommodates accounting practices and tax regulations in China, we looked to the Business Process Expert community to see what other global customers  were using in that area.” 


In a forum within the community, Withnell found a thread with several responses to a question posed by an SAP customer about setting up a country-specific chart of accounts. One of the responses was very specific. “We found a whole section that dealt directly with the issue I was facing – using a China-specific chart of accounts and complying with the Chinese government’s regulations for financial reporting”. 


By tapping into the know-how and experience of the Business Process Expert community, PCFC was able to quickly research its business challenge, find a solution, and test and implement it.  Marielena Withnell of PCFC sums it up:“By researching our issue in the Business Process Expert community, we saved a lot of money in consulting fees and time in our search for information.” 

Read the full story “Pacific Cost Feather Spreads Its Wings”.  

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