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Got a question? Get it Answered! Record a Video Question and Submit it to SAP Tech Ed 2008.

Get the details here at Ask the Execs at SAP TechEd 2008.


Ever wanted to ask a question of the SAP Executives giving the keynote at Tech Ed? Well, now you can do so by creating a 30-second video of yourself asking your question and submitting it for a chance to be selected as one of five questions posed to the executives at each of the keynote session in our four locations.

The questions selected will be posted on the SAP Communities Channel on You Tube, our home for lots of great videos about the community that we recently launched. Go check out our channel, and subscribe to it!

 Our approach to this year’s Tech Ed from the marketing side is to “let the community speak”, so, for example, in the Community Clubhouse we are featuring recorded videos of community members articulating the value of SDN and BPX and the other communities much more clearly than we can in any fancy PowerPoint. So this method of letting you generate the keynote questions, and be shown asking them, is in keeping with the same principle of getting out of the way as an organization and letting your community reflect who you are, what you want to say, in the words you choose.

What’s new about our approach this year (videos were used for the keynote questions last year too) is that it’s intertwined with our SAP Communities Channel on You Tube, so the winning questions will reside there.

Here is another neat thing about submitting a video question and possibly winning – you can win lunch with SAP Community Executives Mark Yolton, SVP of SAP Community Network, and Chip Rodgers, VP and COO, SAP Community Network, at the SAP TechEd location you are attending. This underscores our goal of being an open community interested in hearing what you have to say. Please note you must be a registered SAP TechEd 2008 attendee to submit a video question.

The process is simple and is outlined at Ask the Execs at SAP TechEd 2008. Here’s hoping to see your video question on the grand stage at Tech Ed!


SAP Communities Channel on You Tube


Ask the Execs at SAP TechEd 2008.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi all:

    I’m really sorry that the best prize we could come up with is lunch with Chip and me … we’re not movie stars or politicians or great athletes or anything … but we ARE willing to listen to your comments and ideas, and to give them special consideration. Maybe you’ll suggest something for our communities (SDN, BPX, Business Objects, etc.), or on a product you care about (which we will pass along to get the right people involved), or want to know how some policy or practice works, or want to be introduced to someone in SAP, or about something else. 

    The REAL prize in all of this is in seeing your burning question answered by the keynote speaker (usually an SAP Board member) … along with your face up on the big screen in front of ~6000 people. 

    The short comment is: We’re interested in what’s on your mind.  Please submit a video question! 

    See you at TechEd,
    Mark Yolton

  2. Former Member
    @gail – you say: “The questions selected.” You then talk about marketing which is fine because it’s good to get the message out about the value of community etc. But who selects the questions? Do the mentors get a say for instance? 
    1. Former Member Post author
      Dennis, thanks for asking this question.  The questions used during the keynote are selected by several SAP executives prior to the TechEd keynote. The questions are selected for their general relevance to the audience. And you may have noticed that our executives have not shied away from tough questions  That’s the reason for doing this – to answer questions that are on the minds of our community members.

      Of course there is a limited amount of time during the keynote to answer questions.  So even some questions that the executives select to answer, may not make it to the big screen because of lack of time.

      However, we would like to make sure all questions are answered.  So, this year, even if a question is not answered during a keynote at TechEd, we will be posting all video questions online and providing written answers to those questions that didn’t make it to the keynote.  (Of course we reserve the right not to post any question that is inappropriate, personally embarrassing, etc.)

      I hope this response encourages you and other community members to take advantage of the chance to ask that “key question” that allows you to enjoy more “time well spent” in the community over the next year.


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