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This blog is just one part of our series about Netweaver Mobile 7.1. The available blogs in this series are:


SAP Netweaver Mobile 7.1 is now released for customers for quite some while already. People are either using it as official ramp-up customers or downloaded the trial version from SDN to play around with the tool. As the whole software package for mobile includes a huge set of new concepts and ideas which are also partially different from previous releases, we received a lot of questions and feedback from people using the software. Quite often people were asking the same things or we were telling them the same instructions to do things differently to make life easier. The feedback came to us through various channels: OSS, internal messages, information communication, SDN forum posts etc.

We think it is a good point in time to share these topics with all the users on SDN. Maybe it also helps to convince even more people to use Netweaver Mobile 7.1. The information we share with you should help to make you more familiar with the concepts for pda development and provide you some background information why things were done in a certain way. There will be a series of blogs covering different topics during development and operation of mobile applications for PDA. We selected the topics for the first blogs based on our experience. But we also would like to get your feedback. In particular, it would be great to get some proposals from your side about additional topics for blogs which we could publish. Even better if you feel that you already gained some experience, we would be happy if we see your blog as well in the future.

The first blog will provide you information how you can visualize the database content of your client if you are using minDB.

Topics we would like to cover in upcoming blogs will cover best practices for development, performance optimization etc.

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  1. Former Member
    I was waiting for this first release, that’s really great!
    I’m looking forward for other great news in this blog, keep going ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Best Regards,

  2. Sami Lechner
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  3. Former Member
    Does NW 7.1 Mobile support BlackBerry and/or iPhone clients? according to PAM it seems to be only Windows Mobile. Is that correct?

    How does this differ to the SAP/RIM CRM announcement or the SAP/Sybase announcement?

    Does the SAP/Sybase announcement require SAP NW 7.1? if not, what is SAP’s mobility road map?

    1. Former Member

      NW 7.1 doesn’t support BlackBerry and/or iPhone clients yet. SAP CRM 7.0 (currently in ramp-up) is supposed to provide some tools (API or Web Services) for BlackBerry development but I don’t know the details. You can also develop your own mobile client using the SAP NW Mobile 7.1 APIs.

      There is a BlackBerry client for SAP CRM 2007. This client was developed by SAP and RIM using RIM development tools (Java + MDS Studio) and SAP NW Mobile technology. Other applications should be available sooner or later because the SAP/RIM partnership is supposed to be a “long term co-development” relationship.

      And as far as I know, you need SAP NW Mobile 7.1 to deploy and use the BlackBerry client for SAP CRM.




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