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How to integrate MDM with MySQL server 5.0

I’ve a requirement to integrate MDM with MySQL (which is an open source). Many people might be aware of working with Excel & XML file types. This blog guide you to integrate MDM with MySQL server 5.0.


        MySQL Server 5.0 Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.45,  for Win32 (ia32)


       ODBC MySQL connector-odbc-3.51.24-win32

       MySQL Database Server administration and development tools.Any third-party tools like Toad, navicat and others. 


MySQL is an open source, download MySQL ( ) s/w and install in your machine. Along with that, you must download MySQL Connector for the operating system installed on you’re machine, from the site which is mentioned in the prerequisites. By default no operating system will be having this Connector. My OS is win XP so I have downloaded the same.

  • Installation of ODBC MySQL connector-odbc-3.51.24-win32

  • Checking the installed Driver  & Create DSN using ODBC

  • Connect to the Import Manager

A.       Installation of ODBC MySQL connector-odbc-3.51.24-win32
B.       Checking the installed Driver  & Creating DSN using ODBC
  •  To check whether the driver was installed successfully or not go to Start->Setting->Control Panel->Administrative tools ->Data Sources (ODBC)


  • Type “odbcad32” in “Run” command. You will get following screen.

  • Click on “Add” button to create a new Data Source.

  • Select MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver & click “Finish”.

Fill up the required details.      


Data source name – A data source name (DSN) is a data structure that contains the    Information about a specific database that an Open Database Connectivity(ODBC)    driver needs in order to connect to it. Any name can be used here.

Description –- About new Data source.

Server the server names will vary according to the OS. Here I have installedMySQL    in a standalone system(win XP)so the server is “localhost” for the present case.

User – root” (default user). You can create your own users.

Password at the time of installation, we can create root password, use the same if    the user is “root”. Else use the newly created user password.

Database– select the database from the drop down list, by default MySQL will be     having3 databases (information_schema, mysql, test), use “test”   for the demo.If you don’t have Any other databases created in the server.

Note: I have created a “testmdm”, database in MySQL. So you can’t get it in the    dropdown list.Create your own database or work with the default databases.

  • To check connections click on “Test”, you can see the message, press “OK”, to Continue. 


  •   The new “TEST_MDM”, dsn was created successfully. Press OK to continue


  C. Connect to the Import Manager 
     Load the Repository and connect to the Import Manager. Follow the screen shot
     for Type ,DSN, User (MySQL user name) , Password (MySQL user password)


  • Click Finish, to continue.This is how we can connect to the MDM import manager from MySQL.
Data in MDM Import manager 
  In the source hierarchy you can see the DSN name not the database name.


Data in MySQL  

(MySQL Database Server administration and development tool) the database “Testmdm” which was created in MySQL.


D.  Conclusion 

In order to work with MySQL, down load any of MySQL Database Server administration and development tool.

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  1. Lars Breddemann
    Quote :
    “D.  Conclusion
    In order to work with MySQL, down load any of  MySQL Database Server administration and development tool.”

    Of course, it’s just my point of view, but is it really necessary to create a blog post with tons of pictures to end up with a conclusion as obvious as that one?

    I’m pretty sure, that there are much more interesting or complicated questions in that technology area – write about them instead!

    best regards,


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