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Jimmy Wales Special treat for Community Day Las Vegas participants. Jimmy Wales (picture on the left by Joi Ito) will do a Q&A session before he is keynoting at SAP TechEd on Monday the 8th of September. What shall we ask him?

It is always interesting to hear what someone who is not in the enterprise software field thinks about SAP. 

There is no question Wikipedia is amazing. It blows my mind, that to almost any theme I can find at least a reasonable good overview.

It is also hard to criticise, as Wikipedians can always reply: You don’t like it? Go and improve it ๐Ÿ˜‰

In light of this week’s Future Salon theme Open Source Learning, I am curious about the sister project to Wikipedia: Wikiversity. Here is their last post: 

Wikiversity Day 2008  [edit]

On 15th August 2008, Wikiversity had 8500 content pages – the page count shows linear development, not exponential. The number of active contributorsduring the past year remained about the same as that for the previous year. Edits per month were slightly higher at about 6000. It is predicted that Wikiversity will pass the 10000 page mark sometime in December 2008 or January 2009.

Wow, how unfortunate that there is no exponential growth in this important area? Is the competition too strong from Connexia or MIT Open Courseware?  Are there some areas that are more successful than others, what can we learn for SAP education from it?

What would you like us to ask Jimmy Wales?

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  1. Former Member
    Well, since your organization has probably paid Jimbo’s $100,000-a-day speaking fee, you’d better make the question a good one.  Not some trite, pithy question that he gets fawningly asked all the time.  I would ask him this:

    “Jimmy, back when the Wikimedia Foundation had only five Board members, three of them were employed by the same company — Wikia, Inc.  When you filed the Form 990 required by the IRS for tax-exempt status, two years in a row you and/or your accountant indicated that there were “no business relationships” existing between the Board members.  How did you decide to complete the Form 990 that way; do you believe that it was ethical; and why have you and your supporters banned Wikipedians who ask about this particular issue within the Wikimedia sites?”

    That ought to be a worthwhile moment.


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