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REACH – A Central BPX Information Repository

Recently, Marko Lange announced the SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0 became General Available, a software solution developed by two key innovative members of the Industry Value Network (IVN) for Chemicals, SAP and TechniData. To contextualize the challenges that prompted the joint development, here’s some background on the the enormous overhaul of European EH&S regulations with relevant links.


In June 2007, the European Union (EU) introduced a legislative framework to cover the registration, evaluation, authorisation, and restriction of chemical substances (otherwise known as REACH)  with specific stated objectives to:

  • provide further safeguards to protect human health and the environment through earlier identification of the properties of chemical substances
  • enhance competitiveness and innovation with the EU chemicals industry


REACH presents a potential bureaucratic and legal quagmire for enterprises already beset by stringent regulation, together with escalating logistics, transportation, and labor costs.


Every company importing or manufacturing more than one metric ton of a chemical substance must define and implement business processes related to the handling of that substance. Companies in areas as diverse as oil and gas, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, plastics, coatings, and even electronics are affected by REACH legislation.


The corresponding directives cover more than 120,000 substances, and consequently affect many different functional areas of a company, including purchasing, product development, manufacturing, materials planning, logistics, quality assurance, and sales.


Europa (EU Official Website) Links


Official EU REACH Forums


European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Links


BPX Community Links




Industry Links



I will do my best to keep this REACH information current and relevant by updating the list of links when new information comes on stream in BPX. I’ve just added a link to SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0 became General Available.

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  • Excellent compilation.  One of the analysts at the GRC conference I attended in the spring mentioned that the REACH solution might be of interest to many industries beyond Chemicals and that it was a shame to limit the scope of what it delivers.
    Care to comment or engage the Technidata folks in that conversation?
    It gets interesting when people take an application and push the boundaries of its usage further.  That's an innovation behavior.  Are there examples of this?
    • Sounds good. The regulations impact the manufacturing sector in general. Not only that, but the repercussions extend far beyond Europe.
      I know many of the key TechniData people are heavily involved in the end of solution ramp-up and the upcoming general release, but we need to look at the current and future cross-industry and global implications of the legislation. Apart from the existing roundtable participants active in the collaboration workspace (drawn heavily from the chemical sector) we need to hear feedback from other process industries such as oil&gas, together with consumer products for example. I'll talk to TechniData in the coming days, but we'd certainly welcome input from your contacts on the topic.


  • This blog is a very beneficial collection of useful information regarding REACH. I would like to add one additional link. And that is the REACH roundtable which you can access via this link:
    Here you have the opportunity to find background information on SAP´s solution offering adressing REACH and you have the opportunity to exchange with others on feedback on the product and implementation experiences.