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Data Steward – A Role to Manage Organizationwide Data

Data stewardship which plays with a kind of Role and Responsibility to handle the data Organization wide.  Introducing and rolling out a data stewardship framework can help to address your data issues before they become serious problems that prevent you or your management to effectively make business decisions. Data Stewards can play an integral part in the implementation of a successful data management program within your organization. When you look up the word “steward” the definition is: one employed in a large household or estate to manage domestic concerns (as the supervision of servants and keeping of accounts). In today’s terms, we can think of a data steward as the keeper or manager of an enterprise’s data completely. The data steward is responsible for managing and maintaining data as a corporate asset for use throughout the enterprise and also responsible for the business decisions related with Data as well as the row data and its quality. But in order to do this effectively, the data steward must be empowered by the organization to make decisions regarding data, resolving conflicts and establishing enterprise standards on the use of data. Without this authority, we may find that our data stewards can do little to improve the data quality of an organization and Society as well.

data steward watches the data process – in this case, for bills of material. The data steward does not own the content; the content responsibility must remain with the data owners. The steward observes the process, notices when something goes wrong or needs attention and then takes action. The data steward sends defects back to the data owner or the person that created the defect. The data steward function is not a full-time job, but rather a role. It is part of the person’s job duty, and it is not typically the only duty this person has.

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