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The Blag Show – Episode # 1 – Are you really running a show?

Since I start blogging, I always wanted to run a show…But many problems arise…I didn’t have a video camera, my english wasn’t good enough, I didn’t knew what kind of contents is was supposed to had…So, after a couple of years, I decided to launch “The Blag Show”.

I really hope you like it -;)


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  • Good Start Blag.

    Don’t be nervous. Your show will be a huge success.

    One suggestion: Use more lights and Cool background 🙂

    Naimesh Patel

    • Marco! So long!

      Thanks for you suggestions…I actually thought about the script and the cheating blackboard…But it was early and I forget it -:)

      About the lighting and sound…Yeah…I find that out after I took the video out…Need to speak louder and open the curtains -;)

      BTW…Are you going to Vegas this year? Last year we could talk too much…



  • We’ve the “ABAP Freak Show” by Thomas Jung and now the “The Blag Show” by you this is very cool who else is interested in starting a show?
    • Yeah…I got motivation from Thomas’s show…And from Friday Morning Report of course -;)

      It’s would be great to see more people hosting shows…Video Blogging is something really cool and got a lot of advantages over regular blogging…



  • Hi Blag,

    After 3 days out of office It’s really great log in to the SCN and see your 1st show !

    I’m sure the Blag Show will be better each episode ! I want to see more Blag Show, Don’t think about stopping It :)!

    See soon on Vegas my friend 😉 !

    Marcelo Ramos

    • Marcelo:

      Thanks! -:) I had received some many good suggestions that going to help me to do a better show…So don’t worry…No plans to stop it -;)

      Counting the days backwards…See you in Vegas -:D