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TechEd 2008 SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment session recommendations for Business Consultants

Perhaps you’ve already checked out the session offerings for this year’s TechEd.  If yes, then you’ll agree: it’s pretty easy lost in this jungle of topics and sessions – all of which are opportunities to get more information about SAP’s applications and tools.


Hopefully this blog will be a help.  It’s the first blog of a short series (three blogs in all) that will present session recommendations for TechEd attendees interested in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment topics.  By the way, the SAP NetWeaver CE sessions at TechEd this year are built on top of SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 EHP1, which is the first release that contains the new Business Process Management (BPM) workflow tool.


In this blog we’ll start with the sessions for business consultants and people in similar business-oriented roles.   The next blog will provide recommendations for project managers, and the third and last blog will describe sessions of interest to developers, software engineers and/or architects.

A business consultant needs solid fundamentals about the tools, their possibilities, and the roadmaps for the applications that are used to solve the business challenges. Technical details and other expert knowledge aren’t crucial. Getting the big picture and knowing where the IT journey will go is essential, so that decision makers can discuss this with the IT experts.  In this environment, the most important thing is to get all the information needed to make the good, future-proof decisions. In an attempt to capture the sessions that would provide the most important information for a business consultant, advisor or decider, we have pre-selected the following session recommendations for you:


Experience Composition topics:

  • COMP101: Building Custom Applications with SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (CE) 
    SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment provides a methodology and an Eclipse-based toolset to efficiently develop, manage, and deploy custom applications, following SAP’s SOA principle. The presentation covers application scenarios and experience from projects, demonstrates the capabilities of the product, and gives a roadmap outlook.


A more UI related overview session:

  • COMP161: Modeling With the Visual Composer Tool in SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1.1 
    This session explains the Visual Composer tool in the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. Starting with a blank canvas, you will search for enterprise services using the Service Registry, add UI elements to it, and run the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer tool. After having a running application, you’ll incorporate the application into the SAP NetWeaver Portal using its modeling tools.


and an example from real world:

  • COMP205: SOA Composite for Maintenance Process at Canadian Defense
    Easy-to-use Web applications should enable everybody to submit maintenance requests for equipment. Increasing process efficiency and quality of the maintenance process are the main business drivers to build the composite using SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1, based on the maintenance service collaboration ES bundle communicating with modules of SAP ERP 6.0. This session covers experience gained through the whole project from defining business process steps to technical challenges.


Understand the role of SAP NetWeaver in SOA world:

  • SOA101: SOA with SAP NetWeaver
    This session is dedicated to service-oriented architecture (SOA) technology that is delivered by the SAP NetWeaver platform. An introduction of the overall SOA approach with SAP NetWeaver will be given. In this context, the topics of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Service Repository (ESR), SOA middleware, as well as composition, are covered. The focus is on the explanation of the combined usage of the following SAP NetWeaver components along SAP’s overall methodology: SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI), Enterprise Services Repository, SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment, and SAP NetWeaver Application Server. A short outlook into the future will be given at the end of the session.


  • SOA102: What You Need to Know About SAP NetWeaver – A Comprehensive Introduction
    This session’s goal is to demystify SAP NetWeaver and provide practical marketing-free answers to your “what,” “why,” “when,” “where,” and “how” questions about this platform. Learn about what SAP NetWeaver is and where it came from. This session provides a technically-focused, comprehensive overview of the single integrated technology platform – SAP NetWeaver. It is the core to all powered by SAP NetWeaver applications – built by SAP, customers, and/or partners.


Dive into practice: 

  • SOA111: Building a Cutting-Edge SOA Proof of Concept – Learn From SAP Best Practices
    Many companies fully adopted service-oriented architecture (SOA) while others would like to see a proof that SOA will fit their organization and provide value. One of the best ways to start with SOA is by running a small scale proof of concept focusing directly on the business needs. But how can you get started? Join this session to learn from SAP experts how to run a successful SOA proof of concept. Based on SAP best practice, you will learn how to build the right infrastructure, how to focus on the business needs, and what are the recommended steps to fully capture the value of SOA.

If you want to learn more about Business Processes Modeling and workflow topics, one of these might be for you:

  • BPM100: Business Process Management with SAP NetWeaver CE: Overview and Outlook
    With SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (SAP NetWeaver BPM) and SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management (SAP NetWeaver BRM), organizations striving for innovative process composition can leverage the full power of an integrated composition environment. Both SAP NetWeaver BPM and SAP NetWeaver BRM are an integral part of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. Get an overview of key capabilities of the next generation of business process management with SAP NetWeaver and learn more about the road ahead.


  • BPM101: Overview of Business Rules Management with SAP NetWeaver CE
    Get here a complete overview of business rules management in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. You will specifically learn:
    1. What is business rules management?
    2. What kinds of problems can you solve with this technology?
    3. What are the building blocks of business rules management in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment?
    4. How can you leverage business rules management with other technologies in the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment?
    5. What are some highlights of the business rules management roadmap?

and/or try it out in practice:

  • BPM160: Building Your Own Composite Business Processes From Scratch With SAP NetWeaver BPM
    In this session you’ll learn the evolving technologies of business process management within the SAP NetWeaver platform. You will learn:
    how to model a process from scratch
    how to consume enterprise services and UI within the process
    how to model the data flow
    how to deploy and run the process
    how to monitor and debug the process
    You’ll leave the session with the strong understanding of the capabilities of SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management


  • BPM260: The ABC’s of Modeling and Using Business Rules in SAP NetWeaver CE
    This will be a complete hands-on session on modeling business rules and integrating the rule engine with applications with SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment.
    You will specifically learn:
    1. How to model business rules in the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment
    2. How to use rule formats like If/Then rules and decision tables
    3. How to write rules using data definitions available as Java object models and XML schema definitions
    4. How to integrate and use the rule engine from your Java EE applications
    5. How to create an XML rules service


It’s clear that you won’t be able to attend all of these recommended sessions.  However, perhaps this will direct you to some interesting stuff and provide some decision support for the decision makers – I hope it helps you find the ‘right’ sessions.


Stay tuned for the next blogs describing the recommended sessions for project managers and software engineers.


See you at TechEd 2008!
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  • Thanks for doing this series.  Great idea and very well done. 

    BTW, I just posted on Twitter as well for people signed up to follow SAP TechEd.  With a sparse 140 characters, here’s my post: “Nice blog from Jan Rauscher with summary of NW CE sessions at TechEd for Business Consultants

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