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MIGO allows the same Purchase Order to be entered several times

The transaction MIGO allows the same purchase order to be entered several times.


You can run MIGO with the business transaction ‘A01-Goods Receipt’ + ‘R01-Purchase order’ with the movement type ‘101′.




Input the number of the Purchase order that you wish to receive and press enter.

The system will default the data from your Purchase Order into MIGO.

You will see that the Purchase Order number field becomes ready for input again.




You can re-enter now the same purchase order number that you entered before.

This step can be repeated as many times as needed.




Therefore, as we see here, the same Purchase Order item can indeed be defaulted repeatedly in MIGO.

This way of working is a direct consequence of the fact that the transaction MIGO allows the user to receive different items of different purchase orders.


When the user selects the purchase order, the default values of the purchase order get copied into the MIGO screen. Then, it is still possible to select or deselect the several defaulted items.


You can select this purchase order more than once. This means that the default data will be copied into the system each time you select the same purchase order.


This behavior cannot be avoided, not even by unflagging the “Unlimited over delivery allowed” indicator in the purchase order item. The only thing is that if you do not flag this indicator, and you try to post this goods receipt flagging all items as OK, then the message M7 022 (PU Ordered quantity exceeded by &&&) will be generated.





This will also be correct in this case: if the purchase order data is defaulted more than once and will be received more than once, the purchase order quantity is exceeded.

But, in any case, the message M7 022 will be issued at the time of checking or posting, but not at the time of defaulting the purchase order data in transaction MIGO.

The error message will only arise if the ordered quantity in the Purchase Order is exceeded.

If the quantity of the different purchase order items defaulted into MIGO is changed in a way that the sum of all quantities does not exceed the ordered quantity, no errors will be sent and the posting will be allowed.

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