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Hi all,

I am happy to announce that Adaptive Computing Controller (ACC) in SAP NetWeaver 7.1 has successfully finished Ramp-Up. As of July 28, 2008 the Adaptive Computing Controller (ACC) is in unrestricted shipment. During all phases, the Ramp-Up was a great success.

From our Ramp-Up customers we got very positive feedback. With this release several new functionalities are available, which help to optimize the operation of SAP systems in customer datacenters and simplify the management of their physical and virtual IT-infrastructure components. The feedback from customers showed, that the  Ramp-Up called a lot of market attention to the new ACC release and the GA is quite an important signal to the market, that SAP has a strong offering in the management and virtualization arena.

9 Ramp-Up customers have participated the Ramp-Up and 3 of them went already live. Also several partners participated Ramp-Up. Two RKT Trainings and two Live Expert Sessions took place during the Ramp-Up timeframe. The following slide shows the result of one of our Ramp-Up customers.

Mars Success Story with ACC Ramp-Up participation

You might ask now what is really new with Adaptive Computing Controller in SAP NetWeaver 7.1 compared to the version 1.0. The major enhancement of that new ACC release is that it is able to do a real availability monitoring. In addition to this the usage and the configuration is much more simplified. Another important aspect of the ACC is that the customer is able to operate in the ACC landscape physical servers as well as virtual servers, which makes it possible to relocate across different server technologies, when the operating system (OS) is the same. This is very helpful, when e.g. the  OS of a virtual machine needs to be patched, the application can be moved to an available physical server, the OS can be patched and the application can be moved back to the virtual server.

Additional information regarding Adaptive Computing and Virtualization can be found on SDN:
Adaptive Computing

Looking forward to your feedback.

Kind regards


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