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…. the Industry solution for Defense Forces & Public Security. You disagree? Let’s just wait for some arguments.

While working with defence customers since 2002 in different projects I realized that no other projects has helped me more in my career to get a complete picture of all SAP solutions. A BPX for defence solutions must have a functional understanding of numerous applications – HR, finance, logistics and Plant maintenance – just to name some of them. The reason for this is the force element as the core element of the defence solution. This force element combines the different data from different application. It is like a capsule for the different elements: e.g. organizational unit, stock element, work center, WBS elements and cost center. Therefore it is not only one of the best pieces of software which SAP has ever developed it is also the born driver for integration.

In an implementation for a defence customer there are no isolated subprojects for HR, FI and logistics. To cover processes like the deployment of a quick reaction force to a disaster relief operation abroad all the different areas of one DFPS solution must be tightly integrated.

This means a challenge  for every BPX in defence projects. If you are an HCM consultant for example you will discuss with the colleagues from the logistics areas how the organizational management should be combined with the logistics element in order not only to cover HCM processes but the logistic processes as well. By such discussions you will for example understand how all the equipment of a vessel – just to take one example – is covered in the SAP system. The result of the past projects you could always see in the defence projects: The BPX there are the broadest integration experts I have ever meet.

In addition it could be noted that the market for DFPS solutions expands rapidly at the moment. In addition to the numerous defence projects more and more public security projects are underway for police forces, first responder, NGOs and disaster relief organizations.

If you now agree with my opening statement: Hope to see you in a DFPS implementation somewhere soon.

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  1. Former Member
    Bernhard’s statements can be fully confirmed by me. Moreover, you become not only familiar with many different aspects of SAP’s solutions for various areas, but for intercultural cooperation as well. You are working together with colleagues from many countries, and the project activities lead you to interesting destinations all over the globe. I’ve been travelling to Australia/New Zealand as well as to Israel and Serbia, currently writing from Canada. BPX in Defense & Security have the choice, their knowledge is a valuable, but limited resource. You can help the customer to succeed in huge projects with high visibility, and in parallel you gain a deeper insight into the interdependencies between logistical process requirements and organizational structures of your customer. I am sure that you’ll learn something new!
    See you at the airport, Wolfgang
  2. Giuseppe Gentile
    Hello Bernard, I agree with your post. I have participated in the conceptual phase of the subproject Center on behalf of Swiss army. The number of issues and cross interaction with other subprojects and SAP process is huge. A great experience for any BPX.
    Best regards

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