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SAP Global Trade Management (GTM) – Position Management

SAP Global Trade Management (GTM) – Position Management


Hi guys, sorry for my delayed post because I was so busy in last a couple of days.

This is the last key component of GTM called ‘Position Management’.

Thank you very much for reading my blog to the end.

Do you know about ATP?

It’s a SD functionality, the abbreviation of ‘Availablity To Promise’, one of the most famous and popular one in SD and hundreds thousand SAP customer using.

The idea is that order/inventory allocation when you create a sales order (S/O). Normally customer uses ATP with Batch determination which is an identification whenever you assign for each inventory unit, so that system look up the order (purchase requisition/order) and/or inventory and suggest/allocate that batch to your sales order.

This is a great functionality IF you sell the exact same product everytime to everyone.

This means this does not work for trading business.

Do you know why?

Because every purchase prices for trading company or any company sources from outside are different even if they are some products.  The purchase prices are fluctuated like gas price nowaday!

And also sales prices too.

If you were the person to sell or buy the product under this situation, definitely you care the margin/profit and can’t sell or buy systematicaly.

That is why we developed Position Management.

Position Management allows you to associate sales and purchase data intentionally.

This is how it works, when you buy a product and create a PURCHASE ONLY Trading Contract, system populates a popup screen which includes ALL possible entries (SALES ONLY Trading Contract, Sales Order, Outbound Delivery) you can associate with you purchase item.  And you can select one or many items from the list and associate it.

After this operation, we made a link(s) in between documents/transactions and you will see this linkage in document flow and able to access both side by double click.

The following screen shot is the one in Trading Contract (above), the document flow (below).


 Popup screen of Position Management

The document flow after association 




Of course, this is not one time operation.

Sometime user makes a mistake(s) or change their mind, right?

Position Management is integrated with Trading Execution Workbentch (TEW) (if you don’t know what TEW is, please see my previous blogs), you can de-associate/re-associate data any time in logistics execution stages.

The following screen shot is the one from TEW (above), the document flow (below).


Re-association from TEW 


Of course this does work vice versa, from sales side to purchase side.

In that case, pupup screen contains, PURCHASE ONLY T/C, Purchase Order, Inbound Delivery and Goods Receipt (inventry)).


One of the most remarkable point is that you can have an intentional link betweeen specific sales order(s) and purchase order(s).

In classical SAP, Batch is the only way to associate sales and purchase data, but with GTM, it is possible at order level.

Unlike ATP, the associated data are protected from other user operation.


Don’t you think this is cool?

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      Former Member
      Hello Mr. GTM,
      I never came scross popup screen to match purchase only contract to sales only contract OR in both sided contract.  wondering any tcodes for this (other than wb21/22/23)?   This blog expains bit about SD-ATP concept in GTM,TEW/position mgtmt integation ,market price fluctuation. where can we change theses Mkt. prices using position mgmt?  awaiting for more details.

      Also what kind of additional info we see due to this position mgmt in GTM tables like WBHF/WBGT.
      Brief difference in WBGT & WBHF for beginners?.
      Exploring other than following tables what are other GTM tables? (WBHD/wbhi/wbhd/wbhk/wbhf/wbgt)

      can you please expain GTM KOM communication structures as well.

      oops too many questions....

      Author's profile photo Nobuhiro Kusumoto
      Nobuhiro Kusumoto

      Simply your parameter setting and master data are not good enough.
      The popup screen of Association Management shows up not only WB21/22 but also from the logistics document (on the fly) and TEW (Mode: Association).

      I don't understand your question 'where can we change these market prices using position management?'.
      The pricing information is stored in the document, for example in Trading Contract and you can set up pricing information as a condition to match sales and purchase data, but not for maintaining it's data.

      Position Management does not use WBHF, WBGT mainly.
      WBHF is a document flow table and WBGT is an add-on data table in GTM.
      Position Management is using WBASSOC, WBCUMUL and WBIT mainly.

      About communication structure, please take a look at the package 'WB2B' and you will find some under dictionary.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      While creating the sales only T/C, I have associated this qty with existing purchase docs (POs and GRs)of a released purchase only contract of same material

      Now, using TEW, i am trying to do the outbound delivery for the above associated sales order, system shows the pop-up consisting the above association partners (i.e PO and GR)

      Now, I have 'cross referenced' the two associated partners and done the outbound delivery for the total associated qty.

      Please let me know what the meaning of 'cross reference' here?

      I felt that by doing the 'cross referencing' i am fulfilling (nullifying) the association of sales (outbound)with purchase orders/GR docs;
      If that is the case, these two purchase docs should not be a possible association partners for any new sales only contract which being created. But these are shown again as associated partners

      So, please clarify me the term 'cross referencing' and its implications


      Author's profile photo Nobuhiro Kusumoto
      Nobuhiro Kusumoto

      Very sorry for my delayed res since I have been traveling...

      First, welcome to 'Position Management' world.

      Second, here is the brief explanaiton basic of PM and about 'cross reference'.
      If you don't understand this, that's okay but you need some help to go forward.

      Okay, In the world of Position Management, there are always two sides, one is sales and the other is purchase.

      If purchasing process starts first, there are three patterns expected;
      1. Association in TC
      2. Association in S/O (Mode Association)
      3. Association in Delivery (On The Fly)

      #3 is okay because you associate your process doc with the other side docs/items while you process.
      But #1, 2 is different because the other side (purchasing side) documents are processed since then (i.e. partial G/R or Batch Split etc).
      In that case, if you set cross referece setting, the popup screen shows up whenever these changes has been made, so that you can take this change into your consideration.

      In most case cross reference popup screen is showed up, there is a linkage (1 sales <> N Purchase).

      Hope this clarify your question on cross reference.

      Thanks, Nob

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Nob

      I have associated one purchase contract item with a sales contract item. Now I wanted to know the profit of the associated contract.

      Is there anyway to sort out this in standard GTM system?

      thanks in advance

      Author's profile photo Nobuhiro Kusumoto
      Nobuhiro Kusumoto

      SAP does not provide standard function module for associated T/C in Profit Simulation.

      What you can do is simply copy standard F/M to your namespace and extend it in the way you want.
      Standard F/M has interface to pass the association information which you can utilize it for look up the other side T/C information.

      It's not a rocket science but a standard project exercise.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks, Nob

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      thanks a lot Nob, i have one more question; if i try to do the profit simulation for a one sided contract i am getting the error 'SG105'; while i do the debugging i got to know that the sales or purchase currencies are not passed to the profit simulation F/M
      But, if I do try it for two-sided contract, all these values are being passed to the relevant F/Ms and working fine.
      Is this a product error or any notes are already being supplied by SAP

      Thank you in advance

      Author's profile photo Nobuhiro Kusumoto
      Nobuhiro Kusumoto

      I have not been working for SAP anymore, please send an OSS message to SAP in case you have any issue around SAP GTM.

      SAP has to have an answer for you.

      Thanks, Nob

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Nob,

      Thanks a lot for all your answers to my questions so far. You are the only one on the globe till date who could help the GTM aspirants; As you are no more in to SAP, obviously quite difficult to get our queries resolved. (you might be knowing SAP will make things quite clumsy and wont respond to users in time)
      We are planning to purchase OKP (online knowdledge product) on GTM, hope that will help us a little on this subject.

      Thanks again

      Author's profile photo Rahul Mirashi
      Rahul Mirashi


      With two ways contract, i have created PO and Sales order. I am trying to create the Inbound Delivery with reference to PO via WTEW (Trading Execution Workbench) but system gives no results for previous document while searching.

      Could you please help me to resolve the error?