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Invalid URL issue in UWL


We were recently working in a project where we were involved to migrate from EP 6.0 SP 14 to EP 7.0 SP14 and we successfully achieved it.

But after the migration from EP 6 to EP 7 we had a huge task of Configuring UWL in EP 7.0. Though there are many standard documents which clearly explain about the configuration of UWL, still we had few critical issues after we were done with the UWL Configuration. 


Once we were done with the Migration and successfully configured UWL. We got stuck at a point where we are supposed to “launch Work items” in MSS (Manager Self Service).

In order to launch (this means we are actually viewing the iview) the Work Items, go to

Manager Services > Manager Resources > My Inbox 

Where you will observe all Work Items to be approved by the Manager. When we were trying to launchIview for Work Item


We were getting below error and we could not go further without solving this.




We came across a SAP Note: 646601, which was stating How to Customize the Work Item and we have done the same, which is shown below.




But the Problem could not be solved even after we followed the SAP Note 646601, now this was a daunting task to the Team. 

Before going to the solution for the above issue, I would like to explain the difference in EP 6 uwl.xml file and EP 7 uwl.xml file. 

Where in EP 6, while defining Work Items in uwl.xml file if we give the Portal Component name, as per the SAP Note: 646601.Work Items were executing successfully. As shown in above figure. 

Where as in EP 7, we need to create a Portal Component Iview And we need to give PCD location in uwl.xml file. 


As explained above, we need to give PCD location of the Portal Component Iview in the uwl. xml file i.e.  


Creating Portal Component Iview




In Selection template select 

Once the Iview is successfully created, you can find the PCD location in Quick Info


Note: If you preview the Iview, you may not get the intended view, but there is no need to worry. Because when you launchIview you will get the preview.


Now copy the PCD location in uwl.xml file, as shown below





This will solve the problem for the above mentioned issue.

  ***Feel free to come up with any queries.***

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