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Introduction on SAP for Automotive

SAP provides a separate Solution to improve the business of Automotive industry . 


                                         SAP Automotive helps the customers to integrate:-  procurement,Manufacturing ,Sales and services.It also enhance the relationship

With business  partners and service customers and gain competitive

Advantage –regardless of the size of company


The Automotive package includes the following sub process:-


Just-In-Time Processing, Handling Unit Management  , Self Billing Inbound

Self Billing Outbound   , Vehicle Management System ,Dealer Business Management  Warranty processing , Goods Receipt Process

Just-In-Time Processing:-

                    Just-in-time (JIT) is a management philosophy that strives to eliminate sources of manufacturing waste by producing the right part in the right place at the right time.    JIT (also known as lean production or stockless production) aims at :

    – Improving profits and return on investment by reducing  inventory levels

    – Reducing variability and Improving product quality

    – Reducing production and delivery lead times, and reducing

       other costs (such as those associated with machine setup 

        and equipment breakdown). 


Warranty Claim processing :-

 This is use to fulfill the needs both of manufacturers, importers or vendors of omplex products and their suppliers. In this business environment, the prerequisites for a right to warranty are becoming more extensive and more complex. Warranty restrictions due to the length of service or age of the product, authorization processes and comprehensive check mechanisms in the warranty claim make warranty claim processing in many companies a timely and costly  procedure. Warranty Claim Processing functions offer you a software solution that can deal with a large number of warranty claims comfortably and, as far as possible, 

Vehicle Management System:-

VMS is an intergartion of Standard SD, MM, PM modules. This helps in managing Procuring , Sales/Distribution and tracking of vehicles.

Self Billing :-

This process helps the customer to send self-billing documents to the vendor

Stating the deliveries and amount  that are  settled and paid.

Dealer Business Management:-


As a dealer management system, this component supports the industry-specific sales and services processes of dealers and dealer organizations, as well as vehicle importers, authorized dealers, and OEM vendors. This includes handling of new and used vehicles sales, vehicle service, and parts management.

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