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Tips to make yourself stand out!

The Community and Collaboration team is chartered, well we are chartered to do a lot of things but one of those is to work together with the community to help build reputation. This of course works to our benefit I won’t deny that, you see when someone builds a strong reputation in a community environment people begin to look to them for answers, support and motivation. Hence they help us to do our jobs so we are of course keen to help them, encourage them and help them to increase their own reputations through honest, hard working contributions. We’ve done a lot over the years to do this and we will continue to do so. Our policy of “Moving to Strict Rules to improve Quality and  Control” is there to ensure honesty and integrity and we’ve put a lot of checks and balances in place to ensure fair and objective moderation is done. The “Profiles” are the next step of where people can learn about who you are, what you know and what you do.

I used the following as the lead in to this blog, “I want everyone to know who you are, so here are a few tips to be sure people see you and get to know you!” and I mean it! I seriously do because I like getting to know each of you as well and as the community grows it gets harder and harder to keep up!

Many of you have seen or perhaps heard about the little Social Networking – Beta Release I have been working on with the help of Abesh,  we’ve done tons of updates and took a lot of the suggestions given so far to improve things – we even made it possible to display your profile within the tool differently than in the wiki itself.

The following tips will not only help you be recognized faster and easier but will also give you the ability to continue to design and keep your wiki profile the way you want.

  • Update your profile, attach a new image of yourself height 350-380px and width 350px, call it “profile.jpg”, then attach it to your page whereever you like
  • Are you an author? Check Are you an author? for details on how to add a web badge!
  • Are you an SAP mentor? Check the Mentor forum for instructions.
  • Are you an Top Contributor? Check the Top Contributor forum for instructions.
  • Are you an Moderator? Check the Top Contributor forum for instructions.

For more tips be sure to click the small mail icon on the this page and you’ll be updated each time the page is updated!

The results are of course quite interesting, this is how my page looks,

and this is how my “mini profile” looks based on the above tips.

Skimming through a list of 50 names – this view certainly will stand out more than others. Remeber anyone who has already gotten 100 points or more has already gotten an invitiation (if you crossed this line in the past 4 weeks there might be delay due to SAP TechEd preparations.)

Lost your invite? Just click here and the title of the page should be your name! The most important feature of course though is the labels! If you are going to be at one of the SAP TechEd‘s this year be sure to add the label “sapteched08“! The labels tell people who you are and what you know, for example if you know “flex“, “bsp“, “crm“, “scm” then add the label! I want to see your profile in there and I want to see what you know, what do you say?

This is becoming my sole source of information on the active community and this is where I go to see who are becoming the next “influencers” in the community so if you are interested in being recognized by our team and by the larger community as the leading experts then I highly recommend you take a few minutes to do a few updates – this is where we are looking now.

That and I have a bet going, not a normal bet. If I win I get to give away a very cool prize at each of the SAP TechEd locations during the RIA Hacker Night. If I lose then I don’t have to do anything. The bet is simple, as of writing this blog we have 1317 profiles, a very small percentage of the total number of people actually able to create one. If that number increases to 1350 by Las Vegas then I do a giveaway, if it increases to 1400 by Berlin I do a give away  and if it increases to 1450 by Bangalore I do a give away.

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