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RSS on your Wiki Profile

After a long wait, we’ve finally decided to go for it. In our current efforts to bring you more value and help you to be recognized as the expert you are, a community leader and a thought leader in your field we have just activated another enhancement you can take advantage of on your profile.

We’ve activated a plugin inside of the wiki which allows you to aggregate RSS feeds, now of course this is now “let’s go crazy time”, instead this has been activated with a few guidelines in place (read here “you abuse this and you are outta here bud!”)

{panel:title=My Blogs|borderStyle=solid|bgColor=#ffffff}

 The above code which you add to your profile page via the “wiki markup”, as you can see in the code I have given the link to my weblogs here on SDN. The link is the “RSS” feed of my weblogs. Now before you ask, YES you can give it the RSS feed of your own personal weblogs HOWEVER you may not give it the RSS feed of any commercial work, weblogs, etc. You may only link to your own personal work not to that of others. That is the once condition.

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