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My First Book!

Hi Folks!


Yes, I did it! I burnt the midnight oil and one vacation too many to author a book! My book on C++ called “Sams Teach Yourself C++ In One Hour A Day” is finally on the shelves in the US (and will be in Europe very soon).

C++ Book Cover... 

It’s already a Barnes and Noble promotion item!


Some of you are probably wondering as to why a C++ book is being introduced on a SAP Weblog! If so, it may interest you to know that ABAP itself and many other SAP software components (including the SAP Front-End) are programmed using C and C++! Additionally, most of the software that got this page on your screen was probably programmed in the same!

This new book explains the object-oriented language from a modern and practical perspective. It gives the reader a comprehensive insight of the language and also of frameworks such as STL (the Standard Template Library) that make it so powerful and versatile. The contents and the flow of the book are influenced by my experiences with the C++ development community at CodeGuru (the book on CG). Hence, it teaches C++ programming from a pragmatic and practical (not too theoretical) perspective with samples aplenty. 





PS: Those of you who volunteered to review the book should get your copies in the next weeks. As you are located all over the planet (US, Canada, Brazil, Peru, South Korea, Turkey, India, Russia, etc… ), please give the publisher and the postal services some time! I look forward to your comments, thank you! 🙂

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        • Thank you for your wishes, John! The book is available in the UK online via (and probably at some Barnes and Noble outlets too).

          You can preview some parts of the book (for example the detailed Table of Contents, etc) via the page at Amazon.


  • I always wished to have book for object oriented concepts through C++ language and now my dream came true.

    Great job and good luck.

    Subbu Natarajan

  • I received the book last week and  had chance to review it in the last weekend.I did like the book.I see that it is easy to read and very well organized with clear explanation of the topics including well chosen sample codes also I liked Do-Do not , FAQ  and Q&A parts of the book that help readers to have better undertsanding of the chapter.Nothing to say negative about the book.


  • Hi Sid i tried to get you directly.
    I have questions about installation server and Packages.

    How can i copy a Package.
    FE i will create a package and copy it in case of different SAPLOGON.INI File 😉 The rest will be the same. Thanks in advance