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So you’ll be in LV 9/8 for SDN C-Day … why attend a session on WDA and “bioinformatics” ??

As some of you are painfully aware, I’ve got an SDN Community Day Session about designing a WDA application for “bioinformatics”.

And believe me, given the fact that “bioinformatics” is not a vertical sector that SAP has any interest in penetrating, you have the right to say:

“Why in heaven should I attend that session?  What’s in it for me?”

Well, first, you’ll learn some cool things that I’m about to learn from Anton Wenzelheumer down in the Scripting Languages Forum about WDA calls to scripts in languages like php.  For a sneak preview, check out this thread with some cool php code from Anton:

Coding Problem 6 Now Defined in Scripting Languages/Bioinformatics WIKI

And assuming the right hot-shots show up at the session, you’ll also learn about how to call JAVA applets in iframes within WDA.

And, if you’re convinced that SAP is going to eventually turn off WDA iframes completely, then you’ll also learn how to do the same thing using “client-side eventing” at the portal level.

But wait!

That’s not all!

 For the low low price of zero dollars – yes folks – that’s zero dollars – …

you’ll learn how the structure of many bioinformatic applications must by definition be very similar to the structure of next-generation applications that someone sooner or later is going to write in IM and MM, e.g. linking MM out to TechData and CM systems in order to provide component visualizations that can really help in setting up interchangeability and substitutability relationships that are actuall valid.

So come one, come all!  If the right experts show up to help us out, we’re gonna design the architecture of a knock-out WDA/applet/php mash-up that you’ll be able to use over and over again in many different kinds of applications.

And if the right experts don’t show up, we can always go out for margaritas (or mimosas if the session is scheduled before lunch) …

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