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Plexus, I mean Collaboration Workspace: Not Yet Part of my Daily Diet

A lot has been written, spoken, broadcast, emailed, and even tweeted about Collaboration Workspace.  So why am I not visiting this site every day yet?

When I log on to the networks each day, there are a few places I visit regularly.  I probably visit the SAP blogs and wiki more than the forums, as ASUG.COM also has discussion forums.  But the content on hasn’t yet reached a critical mass that would add this site to my daily regimen.

On Monday, SAP Mentors and a few bloggers (e.g., ITSinsider) were given another opportunity to get a demo of Plexus, er, CW.  As I’ve logged in before, there wasn’t much news to me, and in fact, the screen shots via the Adobe web sharing tool were so fuzzy, I would have had no idea what I was looking at.  I think the total audience was around 20, and the main questions revolved more around access than about the tool suite (though there was a geeky detour around what the next version of Clearspace would be numbered).

The two main problems I see are:

  1. Getting access, or even knowing about what to access, is obscured.  By necessity, someone holds the keys to the private workspaces.
  2. While there are 16 active top level workspaces, only 4 are visible.  One that I want to join, ASUG/SAP Influence Councils, is invisible.  I know it’s there since I saw it demoed during an earlier webcast.

On Monday, Aaron William, SAP VP. listed his 3 responsibilities:

1) Ent Svcs Program (ES community)
2) Co-Innvovation lab
3) Collaboration workspace

I asked about tag clouds, and Dagfinn responded:

(g) Dagfinn Parnas: (11:28) Jim: This shows tag clouds on cw

But, going to a site, er workspace, often gives you:

It appears you’re not allowed to view what you requested. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake.

I don’t have an administrator, that I know about, anyway.


Above is a screen shot (it is very challenging to get the wide open spaces of this tool into the 700×500 blog shot limits).  Your “SAP BPX Roundtable Team”? Empty.  Go to each one, “by clibking the links [sic]”.  The how to join button isn’t jumping out at me.

So, here’s what’s in my CW inbox:

Company Membership Agreement Requirements
Signed by your Company?
ASUG Membership     Request Pending
CAG Exhibit to the ESCMA     No, Send to My Company
ES Community Membership Agreement     No, Send to My Company
Product CDG Exhibit to the ESCMA     No, Send to My Company

Confused about what “Request Pending” and “No, Send to My Company” means? I am.  So, it’s off to the help channels for clarification.  I would be nice if this was all intuitive, and it will be one day.



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  • I had the same thing but as I already have a CW login following the marketing thingy we did via Steve Mann, I could get into some of the places to which you refer.

    It is early days and like so many things in this space needs a monumental amount of work to engage people into becoming community oriented.

  • I see that Aaron Williams has 2 sessions in the TechEd Community Clubhouse Theatre September 11, 2008, 15:00-15:30 and 15:30-16:00 on “Collaboration Workspace”.