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When BPX Certification Stars Align

A Community’s Wish Realized 


What we all have envisioned, worked for and announced over 2 years ago on the BPX website is finally here and it will be ready for TechEd Las Vegas 2008.

A BPX certification curriculum that will service the BPX community is launching.  It will include the SAP Certified Business Process Associate and SAP Certified Business Process Professional designations.


The certification will be made available for partners and customers and is the complement to Marco ten Vaanholt’s book vision and  Mario Herger’s BPX skills work.


The certification bridges various organizations of our ecosystem.


By creating alignment with SAP consulting, education, product strategy and our community it harmonizes the BPX goals bridging IT and Business.  It is the first certification of its kind and the answer to the constant demand of our community for training around BPX skills. 


Michael Schwandt introduced us to the SAP Process Office two years ago and with it [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] and Thilo Bischoff.  Thilo and Mark are active contributors to BPX and help supply the course’s methodology and strategy together with the course owner and co-creator, Ann Rosenberg.  Ann is from SAP Consulting and she together with cohort Marc Dietrich, are working BPX consultants as well as course/content owners.  Ann coordinated with SAP Global Education (Molly Bazemore and Susan Martin), BPM product management (Thomas Volmering), SAP Process Governance (Mark Scavillo, Thilo Bischoff, and Vesela Polihronova), the ARIS folks (Niki Jacobson) to produce the course and Ann welcomes partnership with our BPX Community. 


Ann is coordinating with our content and collaboration team and is working with Audrey Weinland and myself to provide the following deliverables immediately: 

  1. Course and book excerpts for the BPX website and community
  2. SAP TechEd BPX Community Day Sessions that integrate into the full BPX day’s content and curriculum (in all 3 locations)
  3. SAP TechEd Clubhouse sessions for “meet the BPX-perts (in all 3 locations)

In addition there will be some conversation and more around the to-be-released book “Roadmap to Business Process Management“.   The publication already has generated much interest in the ASUG ranks as Mark Scavillo introduced it in ourThe BPM Transformation: SAP’s Journey to Process Orientation- ASUG Webcast a few weeks ago.

As a community taking an acitve interest in this curriculum, role and skill set the BPX is uniquely positioned to supply feedback, responses and yes, critique.  There are many who put this offering high on their Re: BPX Community Wish List.  I, for one, have a feeling they won’t be disappointed.  

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  • I will certainly be interested in BPX Certification. Is it possible to take this certification in SAP TechEd?

    Please guide me to prepare for the same and also guide me regarding the certification fees.

    Warm Regards,
    Rajesh Banka

    • Not surprised to see you as first to respond as you seem to be the Mumbai piped piper of knowledge exchange and community.  While I don’t know the exact plans for Bangalore, I do believe the certification forum will be a good place to start asking these kinds of questions as education does respond to questions there.  As soon as we have an update about the availability of the certification at the TechEds, we’ll embed in the blog as well.  In fact, hopefully we will have the course owners interacting here and they will be answering in more detail.
    • Rajesh,

      BPX Certification is available in TecED Bangalore. Our SAP Education team is also organizing training in India after the TechEd. Please get in touch with me for details.


  • It is certainly great news. All my thanks go to the Marilyn Pratt & the team who were directly or indirectly involved in frizzing this concept. I am very eager to know more about this certification. And looking forward to see my self as a certified BPXer soon :))…..
    • I’m just the bearer of good news.  This was a two year effort that needed the cooperation of BPM product management, SAP Education, SAP Consulting, the SAP Process Governance Team and the persistence of the SAP Network Community.  You folks created the demand, people like Mario and Marco drove that message really hard internally.  Community members supplied input, consulting and process governance created sound methodology based on experiences external and internal.  One could say that the BPX (Ann Rosenberg and Marc Dietrich) became the glue to bridge business needs and IT solutions and align all things to provide a course content via SAP Education. With Education providing all the elements of quality delivery and classroom expertise.  It will be very interesting to see how the curriculum is received and what “students” do with the tools, practices and contents. 
  • Marilyn, its about time. Now that you have an official certification pathway its probably easier for community members to have conversations with their HR departments about formalizing BPX roles within SAP CC centers or BPM organizations. I also hope that the curriculum reflects the whole ecosystem and does not concentrate only on the new bells & whistles that the BPX (BPM & BRM for example) discipline promises.
    Business Process Management spans both SAP and non SAP enabled processes and within SAP  its fair to say that the majority of business process are still enabled on ABAP stacks. That’s the challenge for organizations today, how to successfully combine old and new approaches under the overall BPX banner..
    • Valid points.  From the recent sneak previews of PML content I have seen from the process office, you should be seeing a good deal of vendor neutral approach and attention to evolution of practices.  I also understand that a start point will be also having a good overview of SAP01 from a solution perspective.  But we will have to wait for the snippets to be available on the website and perhaps mentors will have access to a more in-depth first look at the curriculum.
  • Nice to see this rolled out in such a comprehensive way cutting across the various parts of the ecosystem. Should really help in engaging HR as mentioned above. Congrats to the team.
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  • This is one of the Cherished Dream for BPX Community.

    Now we will have endorsed SAP BPX Experts.

    Looking forward to be a part of the Dream Team.


  • When Gregory Peck (Hannibal Smith) and the A-team got at the end of each episode they would finish it up and light up a big sigar ( Yes, I admit, I watched it dilligently )…. This is how I feel about this effort that has been set forth and that has definitely taken some time to materialize. I am also happy that it is finally ready to hit the grand stage. I would like to add some more notes of thought to the announcement made in enthusiasm by Marilyn.
    This is a first step into a grand BPX certification effort. This is definitely not the end
    We have identified several vectors a BPX needs to be ” certified at” to be called a true BPXer. The Business Process Associate and Profesional certification will not cover all the vectors, but will cover the vectors that SAP values and influences.
    I also want to refer back to my blog
    BPX Education and certification

    Please read the section around SAP certification. With the announcement we will make at Sapphire we are making big strides in the right direction, but I want to caution that we are at the start of the journey.
    Last but not least I want to mention that I do not know how many times I got the question: how can I certify myself… this should be a good solid first answer.
    More to come during TechEd and BPX community day… please join us

  • I for one am really excited about these new BPX certifications. I also agree with Marco’s sentiments that there is more work to do – we know that the tools and skills that make up a BPXer are still evolving.

    But, getting some certifications in place is huge, especially as Paul Taylor commented, that the BPX certification should help to legitimize the discussion of new BPX roles with HR departments on SAP customer sites.

    I recently did a podcast with Sue Martin of SAP Education on SAP certification on, and we returned to that question of the value of SAP certification in the minds of customers and partners. One thing we didn’t get to in that podcast is my own belief that SAP certification is especially helpful for moving into new areas of SAP, as opposed to validating your exposure in areas where you are already an expert.

    So, for those with a craving for more exposure and work on the BPX side, being part of the earlier wave of BPX certifications should be a great thing.

    Look forward to talking more about this at BPX Community Day at TechEd.

    – Jon –

  • Looking forward to seeing the exact certification curriculum.  This will greatly help making the concept of BPX an even more legitimate focus area.
  • I have been following the whole BPX movement with some interest and certainly find the idea of certification intriguing.  However, someone mentioned the fact that certification will help legitimize the concept with HR departments.  Unfortunately, until the concept is considered “legitimate”, companies aren’t going to turn loose thousands of dollars in training money for their employees to get certified.  I know that this isn’t even on the radar screen with my employer, so my only hope of staying current with this is to try and learn the relevant skills on my own and try to find a way to use them to add value and prove that there really is something to this.

    So I guess my real question is whether or not there are going to be affordable sources of eduction (online, books, etc.) for those of us who are way behind the curve but want to be involved and move forward with this.  I realize that SAP is in business to make money, and that training centers are a big part of that.  However, if my only source of education in this area is an SAP training center at $2,500 USD a week then it’s not going to happen.  Does anybody have any thoughts on that?

    • Lots of good online resources available on the BPX site.  Start taking a deep dive into the Wiki.  There is also the BPX collaborative book evolving with over 100 pages of excellent content.
      The BPX wiki space should have plenty of freely available content to get you going, including free tutorials about BPMN, scenarios, methodologies, community scripts based on process improvement interations…
  • Hi,

    As a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA… who have defined Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) (similar to the Project Management Institutes PMBOK), and a certification (the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) Certification) (again similar to the PMI certification) wondering if SAP BPX has looked at and leveraged any of the IIBA’s great work.


    • Although I am not personally aware of this kind of alignment, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or isn’t possible.
      What I can do is forward your comments to those folks directly engaged in the certification contents and they in turn can engage with you and your organization.  I see you have created full details in your business card.  Thanks for that.
  • This is a step in the right direction. I see the tools as a starting point on the evolution of BPM/BPX. I see the process literate enabled people gaining skills to effect positive change within the organization. Hopefully the people and tools will work symbiotically together to get to the Continuous process improvement cycle seamlessly and effectively. Good luck.