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TechEd 2008 – COMP277 ABAP Development: Update Your Skills to SAP NetWeaver 7.0

Since the TechEd 2008 Las Vegas Hands-On Workshop registration opened up today, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to detail one of the sessions that we have been preparing for the event: COMP277 ABAP Development: Update Your Skills to SAP NetWeaver 7.0.

The core idea of this session remains the same as last year’s session by the same title (CD251).  We want to create a hands-on session designed for ABAP developers that already have a pretty good 4.6C level of development skill, but have yet to really begin to take advantage of some of the new techniques and technologies in NetWeaver 7.0.  We do this, not just by covering a series of delta features but also by building an integrated exercise from the data model to the service layer and then finally applying a User Interface to it.

What we struggled with last year was being able to fit everything into the 4 hour time slot, but giving the session again this year provided an interesting opportunity.  First of all, we have recorded eLearning versions of last years CD251 materials:
Update Your ABAP Development Skills to SAP NetWeaver 7.0

This really freed us up this year to streamline the materials and cover a lot of extra ground. We had to make a few sacrifices, so I cut out the chapter on Exception Classes and we turned the two exercises on Central Services Class and Service Classes into Instructor Demos/Walkthroughs only.  However even at trimming out these topics, you can still access them from last year’s eLearning.  But this makes room to really expand the Enterprise Services and Web Dynpro ABAP sections of the workshop.

So what are some of the new things we were able to add to the Workshop.  Well first of all the session was able to focus on NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 1. That means plenty of new functionality around Enterprise Services and Web Dynpro ABAP that you will never have seen before even if you have been working on NetWeaver 7.0.

For the Enterprise Services section of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to use the new SOAMANAGER tool that replaces the old WSADMIN, WSCONFIG and LPCONFIG transactions.

The other exciting new exercises come in the Web Dynpro ABAP section of the workshop.  We kept in the basic WDA exercise for anyone who is still just getting introduced to Web Dynpro ABAP.  However we added some new exercises that showcase some of the new features of WDA in NetWeaver Enhancement Package 1.  We will use an Adobe Flex Component within Web Dynpro by using a Web Dynpro Island.  The Island technology allows Web Dynpro developers to easily integrate technologies from other vendors (like Adobe) without having to learn anything specific  around the other technology.  You will get to see just how easy it is to integrate this animated chart into your Web Dynpro ABAP application.

Finally for Web Dynpro ABAP we will also look at how you can use the Floorplan Manager configuration tool to build complex, real-world Web Dynpro ABAP applications.

The other thing we did with this session, was to leave all the hands-on exercise solutions from last year in the hand-out materials.  So you will get 10 exercises in total, not all of which we will have time to do in the workshop but that gives you something to study when you return home as well. We have a few other surprises in store for this session, but you will have to sign up and attend to learn what they are. 

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