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Stay on Track with SAP NetWeaver MDM (Release 7.1 Preview Series – Part 1)

This introductory session provides you with a complete overview of new and enhanced features that are planned to come with SAP NetWeaver MDM Release 7.1 (release to customer for Ramp-up Q4/2008). The learning session also gives you a general outlook on the strategy and direction of SAP NetWeaver MDM.

Additional sessions focusing on the individual main development topics are scheduled to follow soon.

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  • Markus,

    Always interesting blogs on MDM. I have a few questions:

    1. Does MDM 7.1 provide Fuzzy matching capability?

    2. Is it possible to automate the De-Dupe process?

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Zubeda,
      Thanks for your query. Fuzzy matching capabilities provided with Business Objects Data Services are planned to be integrated with SAP NetWeaver MDM after release 7.1.
      In the data quality context, MDM 7.1 is planned to integrate Business Objects address validation capabilities via the Enrichment Controller.
      Due to the high impact of merging, this step deliberately requires manual intervention by a master data stewart or administrator (despite high matching scores). 



  • Hi Markus,
    How do you model a repository in the current SP06 version keeping in mind that soon the organization would be upgrading to 7.1? Take for example, the current repository has two separate qualified tables for Address & Phone. We now know that with 7.1, using “Tuples” we can easily model the scenario of one customer having multiple addresses and each address having multiple phone numbers.

    Here there can be 2 cases:
    1. The client is an old client who has travelled the journey from SP03 to SP06 with large no. of portal aaplications, XI mappings etc in place. How does it go for a smooth transition to 7.1 without much changes to current developments and still say moving to “Tupple” scenario mentioned above?

    2. The client is a new MDM shop starting SP06. It knows that 7.1 is coming soon. What are the design considerations, steps etc a MDM Solution Architect can take so that the SP06 repository is robust to support future 7.1 enhancements?


    • Hi Ketan,
      Recommendation information on the conditions* for changing an existing data model when moving from MDM 5.5 to MDM 7.1 is currently in preparation.
      *(that is, if, when and how).

      Thanks, Markus