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SAP Support, or SAP Expert Forums: that is the question …

For everybody it’s well know that SAP offers a high class of support, however when a problem occurs in our customer’s SAP systems,  the best approach is to use the right channels to get assistance.

For this purpose, it would be very interesting to know in detail how SAP Active Global Support (AGS) interacts within the Ecosystem.

In the SAP Support Portal you will be able to reach two areas to get assistance; the first area is the “Report a product error”


But this channel is reserved for reporting product errors and bugs that are affecting our customers installations (as described in the SAP Note 83020).

For those which are show stoppers you will get support directly by SAP,  at different levels based on the product expertise and in the “Follow the Sun” concept.  This guarantees 24*7 support delivered by our Global Support Centers located in Austria, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Canada, China and Malaysia, as well as Development Support provided by our SAP Labs locations when a new fix, SAP Note or Support Package is necessary.


The second area is the “Request Help” option which will redirect you to the SAP Expert Forums here in the SAP Community Network:



Does that mean SAP is taking a back seat in providing customer support?  Not at all ! .

The truth is that SAP AGS continues to provide full support via the forums too. Currently, 25% of SDN moderators are the same people who provide help in the Product Error Channel (CSS), another big group of contributors, bloggers and wiki administrators work in SAP AGS and also answer your questions in the forums.


In fact, via the Expert Forums, SAP offer a real-time response to the most frequently asked questions. This is what i call “the SAP Ecosystem in action”… more than 1.4 Million users including Support Experts, Product Managers, Developers & Architects, Consultants, Partners, and non-SAP employees making this channel the right alternative to get an answer in a Web 2.0 environment.


The most important message of this blog is to remark that by selecting the right channel for your questions and/or problems you will get the fastest response from the SAP Ecosystem.

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  • Luis,

    Good blog.  The problem that I’ve seen is that many of the members of SCN don’t have access to the SAP Support Portal.  This results in many postings that indicate these users are coming to SCN with errors that are best reported to AGS.  I’m not sure what the solution is to this problem.

    • Hi Nathan

      All our customers and partners should have a user for the SAP Service Marketplace (a.k.a. S-User). If they have a valid installation number, for sure they will get our support.

      Kind Regards,

  • As a Company Director and user of SAP B1 I would like to state that the level of support we have received from SAP can be considered as poor/NONEXISTENT. There seems to be a whole variety of support offers but none of them address the actual problems that we encountered for the past 8 months.
    • Hello Robert,

      I know that my colleagues for SME (B1 and ByD) are increasing their support offer and also are working so hard to solve the problems that our customers are facing, however i’d like to ask you to send us the details of your complain and the problems that you’re facing in order to help you in the right way.

      The hotline number of your local Support Customer Interaction can be found in SAP note 560499 – Global Support Customer Interaction, please contact us to help you.

      Best Regards,