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SAP Community Day: SOA Intermediate Boot Camp for End-to-End Adoption

It’s TechEd Time again and with the last years also the Community days came with it.

Today I would like to give some background of the topics covered in the SOA — Intermediate Boot Camp for End-to-End Adoption. In the last years we covered various bootcamps around SOA and Enterprise Architecture. This year we make a 2 stage approach:

  • a foundation bootcamp – covering the basic concepts & Technologies  around SOA concepts
  • Intermediate bootcamp – focussing on more detailed concepts and tool usaged ==> End-to-End Adoption

Let me cover a little bit more in detail what we understand about  End-to-End Adoption and what you will learn at the end of this really excellent training.


in the past years we always heard a great compelling high-level pitch about SOA and it really generated a lot of confidence in our industry to solve all kinds of issues.

The flipside of it was the fact that we (the industry) always had a hard time to see the big picture come reality. Always a little bit piecemeal demo here and some concepts there. Last but not least just think about the horde of consultants, sales engineers, experts you needed to get something like this !!!!

One explanation of this fact is that SOA and all the concepts around it are really changing some fundamental concepts of IT:

  1. from siloed applications to services
  2. SOA affects several different roles in IT as well Business
  3. major IT Processes (e.g. SDLC) as well as the overall Governance have to be adjusted

Bringing these topics together in a sound story is not easy, if you also want to deliver a good level of detail. But as said before, this is history the time is now
(wasn’t this a great song from Moloko – Chip: this would be another cool band for TechEd)

The time is now:

This bootcamp really covers in good level of detail all you’ve always dreamt of:

  • Introduction to Enterprise SOA
  • Process innovation
  • Discovering Enterprise Services
  • Service Provisioning & Governance
  • Consuming (Enterprise) Services
  • Process and Service Composition
  • Mediating Services
  • Operating an Enterprise SOA Landscape
  • Lifecycle Management

Overview SOA Intermediate

on top of it it covers those things not only in theory, but we will do a lot of demos on the latetest technologies of SAP:

  • NetWeaver CE 7.1
  • NetWeaver PI 7.1
  • NetWeaver BPM (aka Project Galaxy)
  • NetWeaver Service Repository & Service Registry

and everything framed with a nice process requirement:



and yeah, you are correct – it’s not another Procure2Pay Process (some people might already believe that SAP’s SOA enabling was around SRM only)

If you are getting interested – rush over to the Commmunity Day Page and register yourself for the : Enterprise SOA — Intermediate Boot Camp for End-to-End Adoption

Have fun – and hopefully we will all meet and party together with the Black Crowes


Acknowledgements: this content was developed by the NetWeaver Productmanagement together with the Platform Advisory Office EMEA.

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