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How to consume Web Services with Visual Composer 7.0

One of the most powerful tools that we have at this moment is for sure the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer.


This product has the advantage to be in between two worlds (The SAP Transactional and the SAP ESOA) and from my point of view, we need to know how to be able to combine the best of both to create our own applications.


In this blog i want to show you how to create a Web Service System based in WSDL url, to consume a web service within SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer 7.0.


First at all you have to take care of pre-requisites and version limitations, so please refer to the Following SAP Notes to prepare your system for this task:

SAP Note 1236741 – This note show you how to configure the pre-requisites

SAP Notes 914377 – This note show you some limitations (like flat WS only)

SAP Note  1127033 – This note show you how deal with Authentication issues

After you configured the pre-requisites, you can create your Web Service system and start using it in your model as you can see in the following video:



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  • Hi

    I have created a webservice in XI system and it has generated a WSDL file. I have saved that in my local pC. How do i use this file and craete web service model in VC. In your blog u have used a URL, but i do not have a URL with me.


    • Hi Sankar,

      As of my knowledge, you cannot consume the webservice residing in you local machine via Visual Composer.

      You can do that by using WebDynpro.

      Hi Moderator: Correct me if I am wrong.

      Kumar T