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Book – Discover SAP CRM

About the book ” Discover SAP CRM”

It is not a first book on SAP CRM. There are books in the market place that address particular SAP CRM technology or solutions. However, there is no one SAP CRM Book that explains the:

  • Fundamentals of CRM
  • Foundations of SAP CRM
  • Possible Business solutions with SAP CRM
  • A guide to implement an SAP CRM project successfully
“Discover SAP CRM” is easy to understand and implement by:
  • Discovering entire suite of SAP CRM business applications that will come in handy when making a CRM strategy and solutions that works.
  • Providing an overview of each of SAP’s major products with actual case studies so you can see how each product works in a real business.
  • Focusing on what of “SAP CRM” than how to implement SAP CRM.
  • It is a solution guide.
Readers Include:
  • C level executives as a quick reference guide on SAP CRM solutions, which are making decisions about the future course of their company CRM platform
  • Managers who always wanted to know about SAP CRM in details before kicking off SAP CRM project. However, they are scared off  times they need to spend in sifting  volumes of documentation and tons of power point presentations available on the SAP market place to learn SAP CRM, as their hands are always full with managing projects and resources and steering the projects to success
  • Business Analysts who knows their company business processes very well and scratching their heads on how to map those processes and SAP CRM system as they never worked with SAP CRM solutions and technologies before.
  • Senior Consultants who worked with Non- SAP CRM solutions and technologies and planning to make a Career move to SAP CRM platform.
  • Senior SAP CRM consultant who didn’t get an opportunity to work with full suite of SAP CRM solutions and wanted to know about full details of 360-degree view of SAP CRM
  • College graduates who wanted to make a career in SAP CRM and needed a comprehensive guide to understand the solutions and technologies available in SAP CRM

You may buy a copy at “Discover SAP CRM “or win a free copy (10 copies will be awarded) when you add valuable community content to CRM BPX Wiki during the month of August. For more information, go to the CRM Community Wiki.

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  • Hi, I read on sap-press that this book is discontinued and that a new version will be available soon. Do you know (aproximately) when this new version will be released?

    Thank you!

    • Hello Stefano,

      The plan is to release the new edition in Feb 2013.

      However, SAP PRESS is considering to  print copies of the current edition.

      I will let you know if it happens

      Thanks for reaching out

  • Hi Srini,

    Congratulation first for the book.

    I am SAP SD consultant with more than 2 years of experience. In future, slowly & steadily, I would like to shift my career path from SAP SD to SAP CRM. In order to gain basic understanding of CRM paradigm, I would like to read “Discover SAP CRM“.

    However book is out of print as second edition is yet to launch.

    Scheduled release – May 2013.

    Book is available for pre-order.

    Please refer link below:

    How can I buy this book in India?

    Will SAP Press have shipping facility in India?


    Balaji Parsewar

    Certified SAP SD Consultant