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Blog Series: BI 7.0 BEx Analyzer

With the BI 7.0 BEx Analyzer based on the 7.10 GUI and Excel 2007, there are some new performance considerations and some new features that are now available. In this blog series, I will cover various aspects of the BI 7.0 BEx Analyzer, from how to troubleshoot and optimize performance to user productivity features.  This blog serves as the central page from which you can branch into a blog posting on a specific topic which is subsequently covered in more detail.

BI 7.0 BEx Analyzer Blogs
  1. Optimizing BI 7.0 BEx Analyzer Performance:  this blog gives tips on various ways that you can optimize the performance of BEx Analyzer workbooks.
  2. Troubleshooting BI 7.0 BEx Analyzer Performance:  this blog illustrates how to pinpoint what is causing a BEx Analyzer workbook to be slow.
  3. BI 7.0 BEx Analyzer User Productivity Features:  this blog details the user productivity features that are available to help you work more efficiently.
  4. Optimizing BI 7.0 BEx Analyzer Performance – Part II:  this blog gives additional performance optimization tips that I have learned during the rollout of the BI 7.0 BEx tools company wide.
General Note

As this blog serves as the main page for this blog series, it will continuously remain updated as new blogs in this area are posted.

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  • Hello,
    I have some questions :
    1. Where to install the WAD? pc ? server ? portail ?
    2. can be removed options, settings WAD ?
    3. Is it prudent to install the WAD in the production ?
    4. What is the technical architecture for this solution ?
    5. The WAD is it compatible SSO ?
    Thank you in advance for your reply
  • Hi,

    We are having huge performance issues on BEX queries. The queries are very slow when they are run from BEX. We don’t have BWA. We using BW 7.0 on support package 24 and using 7.10 GUI. Any ideas on what can help speed up the query runtime? Unfortunately these queries cannot be run in the web as they do have an income statement and balance sheet with hierarchies per profit centre. There are about 1000 rows and quite a few columns. Please assist.