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Normally this would be a blog post announcing the great and wonderful things being made available to the 2007-2008 Top Contributors for the BPX, BOBJ and SDN Communities, instead though it’s to share a most dishearting turn of events.

We’ve had a massive amount of “point gaming” take place and a surge in reports of abuse and emails reporting point gaming. We have investigate very thoroughly every case and either we or the moderators have made decisions based on the investigation. Our decisions are based on the desire for quality, integrity and fairness.

Therefore we have deleted several accounts over the past week and as our systems syncronize you will begin to see names disappear from the lists, forums and blogs. We will also be running a “clean up” to ensure we have cleansed the systems of these misuses early next week. We are also putting measures in place to better fight this juvinele and unprofessional behaviour and we have continued to enforce, encourage and enable the moderators to fight this small but annoying precentage of negative activity in the community. We will not tolerate this behaviour.

Some of the negative side effects of this clean up however will effect the total number of points so far collected in the On track for a great end to the year. However, we want honest and well earned/deserved contribution to the community and not artificial so we stand by the decisions made.

As soon as the “clean up” phase takes place next week I will post the results of who we consider our “Top Contributors” for 2007-2008.

These will be the folks who have earned a 100% discount to the TechEd of their choice (not including travel & expenses), a 50% discount to the TechEd of their choice (not including travel & expenses) or a  free pass to the Community Day of their choice (not including SAP Teched, travel & expenses). Atthe SAP TechEd they will get special seating at the Keynote, Demo Jam as well special access to the Networking Lounge at the Clubhouse and the ability to host their very own sessions during the event. They will be made immortal in a new “Top Contributor Video” will will be doing this year (in fact in more than one!) and their photo will be added to the new “Community Hall of Fame” coming at SAP TechEd Las Vegas!

Further more in the interest of “green” we have decided to pass this year on the paper certificates and pins but instead will provide each of these new “Top Contibutors” will instructions on how to show their pride even more so to the entire community.

These new Top Contributors will also be invited to speak directly with the Community team a special message forum designed just for them where we will share what is new in the community, strategy, new features as well as decisions coming and future opportunities that will be made availble to them in the community environment – they will have access to the area for the entire year proceeding (August 1, 2008 until July 31, 2009). 

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter and thank you for helping us to make sure honest quality contribution is still the priority!

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Craig,

    It is great news that we will have a cleaner system and deserving members who will be announced as winners. Ofcourse, the loss of points from the points bucket will push us behind from our goal of achieving of targeted points, but it is for fair and genuine purpose.

    Rajesh Banka

    1. Nigel James
      This is good news but 100,000 points is about 8-9 days of contributions. I am sure over the rest of the year we can manage to hit the target of 3,500,000 points.
    1. Former Member
      Thank you Dennis and everyone else for the words of encouragement it’s never easy to take the hard line but in this case we are committed to ensuring quality.

      With that I wanted to give everyone an update: We are running a few more checks to ensure we have things and at the moment it looks like the “clean up” will effect over 9000 “bad id’s” (once thats that have been removed for violations of the policies) and well over 100,000 points will be removed.

      On another positive note a couple of these id’s were holding the “top” spots in different areas and with them being removed a few others who were doing things the right way will not get recognized for their honest work!

      1. Former Member
        Phase 1 of the clean up is complete and 76,000+ points have been removed that were not honestly achieved.

        That was 527 users who abused the system.

        Phase 2 and 3 are a bit harder because there are cases where the user was deleted because they transferred companies, locations, etc so this will take a bit longer.

        1. Former Member
          Our Clean up is complete and hopefully by Friday a mail will go out to the 72 individuals we now consider our SAP Top Contributors!

          Close to 100,000 points and about 650 users were cleaned and removed from the system.

  2. Former Member
    lol, just found out that there is one company in the list of top companies which manages to have 5 out of their top 11 or 12 contributors having been “guestified”. now that’s what I call a really bad PR issue :-))
    1. What about publishing the names of the “most offending” companies… in order to reveal to us (or, more to the point, our decision makers) the true nature of their corporate cultures… ?



      1. Former Member
        I don’t think a company should be punished for the misdeeds of a few individuals, we are in contact with several organizations helping to ensure they generate a solid, quality controlled unified effort in the community through encouraging their employees as individuals to take the steps needed to become solid community contributors.
        1. Ankur R Goel
          I agree with Craig despite the fact that there are some companies in which the managers ask their employees to get points in SCN.

          However, this cleanup was really required and really welcomed.

  3. We are still waiting for the anouncement. Congratulations for all of the Toppers from before
  4. Former Member
    Dear Craig,

    This is a very good move to eliminate the unworthy participents in SDN.
    I say this is a good move by SDN.
    Best regards
    Praveen K Kurni

  5. Former Member
    Dear Craig,

    Thanks for the infos and statistics on the various clean-up efforts.

    What is a huge help for moderators dealing with this type of abuse on a daily basis at a “per post level” in the forums, is that there is an SDN management effort and support to curb the abuse at it’s source.

    Cheers and enjoy the weekend,

  6. Hi Craig

    We appreciate your effort in doing this wonderful work. You should be given an Olympic Medal for this effort:)))Any insight when this cleanup work will be over and the much awaited Top Contributor’s list will be published.



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