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Social Networking – Beta Release

We are Social Networking – part 1 (part 1), in fact we are there – with this post we are now opening the Social Networking AIR app to the general public as an “open beta”. What this means is that anyone may try it and use, but it may still have a bug or two so please feedback is very important.

This will go into operation for the month of August and on September 10, during the SAP TechEd Las Vegas RIA Hacker Night ’08 we will put the entire Flex Project archive online for everybody to download and play around with.


This means that anyone in the community will have a chance of developing the application out further in different directions and resubmitting those back to the community. When a really cool new direction is done we’ll even pull into back into the main branch and deploy it on the main channel.

Download: Use the following link and if you are using Internet Explorer you may need to right click and choose “Save As” to get the file. It will be a “.air” extension so you must have Adobe AIR installed for it to work. If you do just download and double click the file.

v1.0 – July 28, 2008 – Download 

So what use does this have? Why do I want this and why right before SAP TechEd? If you have or even if you haven’t been to one of the events there are thousands of people there and it’s almost impossible to find someone easily.  Let alone find someone who might know about a specific topic you are interested in and is there as well.

Now with this tool you you simply search for “sapteched08 xxxx” where “xxxx” is the topic or keyword you are interested in and there you have it, a list of people that might be able to help you out. From that point on just head over to the Clubhouse and find out if they are there.

Now for everyone on SDN, BPX and BOBJ that means those of you who have the ability (you reached 100 points) to create a profile need to hurry over and update your information and add the “labels” (those are the keywords) for your skills as well as “sapteched08” if you are coming to one of the events! 

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  • first thing to report: manages to consistently crash my firefox (3.0.1) with their very homepage :-))

    your tool looks very nice and useful once you found out how it works. one suggestion would be to allow us to create a special landing page for that tool as a child to our profiles. just that it better fits into the little profile window. currently it features scroll bars within scroll bars which doesn't look too 'cool' or appealing.

    looking forward to see the coming features,

    • Wow not heard about that happening for others with FF? Weird.

      For the profile view, we've got some things in place already, for example if you name the main image on your profile "profile.jpg" then your image is the only thing displayed then we are working on other items to dynamically create a better "small" view as you said - another thought is to create a element like a panel on the page with a title "Mini View" which we could then parse out but really it depends on all of you and want you want and how you want it in the profiles.

      • Thanks Craig!
        Tested it and I could use it under Ubuntu. I really like it. Here a few things I noticed:

        - Is it possible to make "profiles" the default entry in the combobox?
        - I would like to have the possibility to enlarge the profile view somehow. So I can read the whole profile in the tool.
        - How can I access my favorites?

        cheers Thomas

        • Profiles, defaulted now. If you click the middle icon by each name the full profile view is displayed.

          Favorites at the moment are only shown when searching again - RIA Hacker Night we'll see more interesting things come along.

          For now though I am building onto this page with tips to make your profile "cooler" in the tool.

          • I tried to click the middle icon but nothing happens. I am pretty sure that is a bug under Linux (AIR under Linux is still alpha). So do not wonder if the Linux guys are complaining 😉

            cheers Thomas

          • Nope a bug in general - next time you start the update it will prompt you to update. The "profiles" selected at default is not taking though but the rest is fixed and it uses the "tips" I added to the wiki page as well.