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Creating the Climate and Culture of Change

Creating the Climate and Culture of Change


Earlier today, Paul Taylor, an active BPX member and SAP mentor accused me err….teased me about speaking in the language of a Six Sigma Black Belt (a dire warning to those who become too enamored of jingoisms and slogans like: “The Voice of the Customer”).  Although Paul might have been having a little fun with me, VOC is really a core component of the dialogue between customer requirements and process improvement and knowing your customer requirements is one of the most critical elements in any business improvement cycle. 


Therefore, when speaking of business transformation, VOC is a critical element.  (oh those feisty customers, the human side of the equation). 


Process improvement is often about implementing changes. (duh, that’s what improvement usually entails: transformation or change).   For many the software and technology part of change is often regarded as the easy part.  The “hard” part is the people side of change.  A good analysis of some of the tools and techniquesin continuous process improvement can be found in the Army Business Transformation knowledge Center.


Kerry Brown SAP Global Director of Organizational Change Management will share her insights in a special co-created webinar sponsored by ASUG and available to SCN members, including a segment called: What Customers Say is Important for Success and What Customers Say About Change Management. 

The Webinar will be held, today, Tuesday July 28th at 11:00am EST

Kerry will also speak about how “everyone concerned with the PEOPLE side of projects (OCM) can collaborate with a virtual community of colleagues on BPX”. 


Non-ASUG members can register here.

Those of you participating in Community Day in Las Vegas can continue the conversation with her at the BPX Community Day Session. 

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  • This is really a graet idea.

    Organizational Change Management is often one of the most crucial ingredients for success. But nevertheless it seems to be located at the dark side of the moon for many projects.

    I’m looking foreward to the session!


    • Thilo, I’m really thrilled you’ll be joining us shortly for the webinar.  At Sapphire, I believe your colleague Mark Scavillo met up with Kelly for the first time.  Interesting that in our large organizations there are people working on parallel and oft complementary tracks that only meet each other through community networks.  So, I’ll be happy to have you attend the virtual session and remind people that you, Thilo are a resource for excellent process governance methodology as you live and breathe this stuff.
      “see you” online shortly.
      • Unfortunately just missed the webinar, also just like to say that when dealing with imposed business change as opposed to the VOC approach its sometimes better to turn up with a Six Sigma approach. Its amazing what a bunch of Black Belts can do when engaing in conversations such as …. Oh, we have eight or nine black belts in our group, can we come round and see you ? For some reason people just seem to say yes 🙂
        • 🙂
          But I thought VOC was an inherent component of the Six Sigma approach?  It would be excellent to read more about these methodologies in the context of SAP implementations.  Are you up to the task, Paul?  Many folks have written about how continuous improvement approaches such as Lean, Six Sigma, ASAP run their course of popularity in organizations and have acceptance levels that rise and fall.
          I like Kerry Brown’s observation about Organizational Change Management being “A discipline around common sense”.  Bottom line: any of these approaches demand a very rigorous analysis of the “value stream of business processes” to quote “Lean for Dummies”.  What that would entail is a pretty comprehensive roadmap to accelerating acceptance of change, a very robust and constant conversation with the stakeholders and a clear plan.  Of course some black belt bullying and strong arming is probably a method too 🙂
  • Marilyn,
    I agree that VOC is a key input into successful change management. I have found that listening to our key user’s likes and dislikes about the current process and ensuring they are adressed in the new process is important. An early proof of concept/pilot with key users can also provide that feedback on the new process before it is too far along to adjust. It becomes quite apparent when a new process is rolled out that did not get such VOC input from key stakeholders. Getting such early input saves the expense of funding code modifications to the tool/process just deployed, which is exactly where a recent small project here is today. I am only peripherally involved, but it has been a good lesson learned for me for my current project.


    • Why does this all sound so familiar? 🙂
      I’m looking forward to some continuing input from Thilo and the Process Management Lifecycle folks around how they deal with our own internal customers (that would be us SAP employee folks) in the current state of process transformation of SAP.  Sharing the war stories could be very instructive.  I’d like to hear more about your own “lessons learned” Gretchen.