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I’m back…more TechEd news, and other cool stuff

Well, I had grand plans to update my personal blog and discuss the very relevant topic of blogging for a corporation vs blogging one’s personal opinion.  This can be challenging, and one of the reason’s i’ve never had an external facing company blog. 

But-  a bunch of stuff happened, including some team meetings that lasted most of the week, and so I’ve decided to not procrastinate and just get some stuff out there, in no particular order.

  • First off, Adobe’s SAP TechEd sponsorship is now official, as i hinted at last week.  check out the wiki for the pre-conference Community Day, which is always a steal in terms of the cost and features some great content. HERE
  • We’ll also be re-delivering a lot of the same great content for Berlin’s community day.  i’ve also recruited a great person on my team named Eric Lerner to talk about Adobe’s collaboration tool, Connect, which is now being used by all 50k plus SAP employees, and our next generation Cocomo offering, which will allow developers to use cloud based collaboration services via a richer API set…Eric was the former Adobe PM for Acrobat Connect, and a great speaker.  check out a recent webinar for Cocomo HERE
  • I watched the replay of the adobe and sap redmonk nano conference Nanomonk – Adobe and SAP , which was funny because that same morning, i spoke to Anne Kathrine Petteroe, of the ESME project.  i wanted to recruit her to present at our RIA Hacker night, but i was beaten to the punch. 
  • Which brings me to my next topic- i’m still looking for speakers for hacker night, ideally someone whose done or is doing some work with flex and SAP!  i just came across some nice work by Abesh, Adobe Air Widget for SAP MII : Build your own…

i’ll probably tack a bunch of follow up posts onto this one, so i’ll be back soon.  i’m still planning on listing all of my personal syndication links, probably just through friendfeed, and i’ll be updating my personal blog one of these days and providing links to that as well. You can also find me on twitter

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