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How CRM@BPX Translates into Breakthrough SAP Products And Happy Customers

Volker Hildebrand, VP CRM Product Management at SAP, recently recorded a podcast with SearchCRM (TechTarget) that explains how SAP’s CRM applications of the future will be built collaboratively, using a Web 2.0 environment.  It also describes how Web 2.0 features are already part of CRM 2007, and why CRM@BPX has become an incubator for new ideas. Here’s the event:

PODCAST: Web 2.0 in Action! How SAP is Leveraging Web 2.0 in CRM to Improve Customer Experience


If you are a Business Process Expert, you are probably already familiar with CRM at BPX , the CRM sub-community on  If you have not seen it, I highly recommend you take a tour. The interactive site includes special CRM forums and blogs that enable customers and partners to interact directly with SAP product managers (and other SAP internal experts).

Some of the most popular content assets in CRM@BPX are the videos. Here is one that shows a demonstration by customer SAP Customer Video Presentation – CRM 2007 and the Interactive Forms by Adobe of their CRM 2007 implementation. Thanks to Mike’s great presentation skills, it is easy to stay put for the whole 35 minutes. The ROI analysis described Eclipse Aviation goes live with SAP CRM 2007 is convincing: “The ROI was simple, if we could increase usability to help sell just one more aircraft -it would pay for itself!”

Take a stroll along CRM@BPX at yourself, and I promise, you’ll discover many interesting nuggets like this. And don’t hesitate to become involved yourself!

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