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Getting Your Ticket to TechEd Gratis (That means Free)

You might have heard this story already because I’ve told it to many friends and colleagues and might have even shared it here on the website, but quite a few years ago (8 to be exact) I was desperate to attend ABAP educational sessions at TechEd and the economy was in a bit of a slump.  So trying to be somewhat creative and certainly trying to be proactive, I figured that rather than ask my manager for a ticket to TechEd, I’d find a way of getting an invitational pass by making myself available to give a session and “earn my way”.


Imagine my delight when my proposal for an education session was accepted and I could then show my manager an invitation.  Now, I didn’t have to ask to go to TechEd, TechEd asked me to attend.


That’s the present offer for all those folks thinking that they would love the opportunity to attend the “best educational SAP event available” to customers, partners and yes, SAP employees.  It’s an event that provides occasions for dialogue and influence and networking and a deeper look at solutions and development than any other “marketing” or vendory type of experience provides.  I know, because I probably held some kind of an SAP record for most sessions attended and summaries of sessions gathered in the year I presented and got my invitation.

Year’s later, I am as anxious to attend these events as I was when I started working for SAP, because, quite frankly, I find it is the most efficient way to catch up on so many things that are evolving and I feel I don’t always know enough about (even working for SAP).  As SCN grew, I discovered that many of those “things” are grown in the community space and this year promises some hot items that are really SCN based.  

So here’s the ticket (literally):  think up your very best experiences, most valuable problem solving approaches, your worst war stories with a peaceful (or not so peaceful) resolution and submit your contents here.


And yes, I’m particularly addressing the BPX community in this call for proposals.  If business process management means automating your defined processes as efficiently and flexibly as possible,  then in these days of economic challenge and more stringent regulation-based implementations, it would be exceedingly useful to illustrate how you manage to do that in your organization or work experience, by what means, methods, and tools.

Two years ago, when we were in sneak preview mode with the BPX community, we Calling All BPXers – TechEd ’06 is Not Just For SDNers to submit content for TechEd ’06 consideration.  I was kind of hoping that there wasn’t a need to remind everyone this year that the deadline is near for your July 27th content proposals for Berlin.  


Do I have to come over and get you?

Think you have a great topic but need coaching on presenting it?  Christina Miller offered great tips last year  Don’t Let Anxiety Keep You from Speaking at      SAP TechEd in her excellent blog entry called:  “Don’t Let Anxiety Keep You from Speaking at      SAP TechEd”.

Don’t let procrastination keep you either.

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  • Marilyn:

    It’s always nice for me to read blogs like this…Where SCN gives people more opportunities to attend TechEd.

    As an SAP Mentor I got free entry to TechEd…But still I’m going to host a BoF because TechEd is the place to share and gather knowledge.

    I’m sure many people got some awesome presentations and this chance to show them to the world no tiene precio (That means is Priceless) -;)

    Last year I could attend many sessions, because of my SAP Blogger duties…But this year I wanted to be delighted with the power of the Community.



    • Thanks Alvaro.  The flurry of offline responses I’ve had to this “invitation” has been very heartening and informative.  In fact, I’ve barely slept because of the generosity of spirit that many exhibit in taking the time to communicate personally to me.  I’m glad for the yearly opportunity to have face time with folks I only usually get to converse with asynchronously online.  But gladder still to learn from my peers.  The more community-driven content the higher the value.  I think the community slots are the rare opportunity to speak in the voice of the community (voice of the customer) and I really would like to see/hear plenty of that candid stuff.  So make it real.
        • LOL. On second thought eww, as in my reckoning that’s no real compliment.   Perhaps reading all that BPM and CRM content that people submit must have gotten to me if (heaven forbid) I sound like THAT.  I’ve always associated six sigma with …well, never mind. Paul, having folks like yourself speak candidly and yes, even bluntly and critically is the main purpose of these sessions.  If you catch me in marketing speak or process gibberish, call me out.  And by the way, I still am uncertain as to when I’ll hear your voice again live.  Your criticism; music to my ears.