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Bringing Adobe and SAP together with a Long Tail conference

I recently ran an event, sponsored by Adobe, looking at Adobe SAP ecosystem integration. I dubbed it a “nanomonk” – well Craig Cmehil did, and I went with the term.

We streamed the video, and had some very frank discussions about why we should all contribute more to SDN, and how both Adobe and SAP could do more for their developer communities. Most of all the event was fun.

“I have spoken before about the Contribution Society, and it was funny to see Craig Cmehil, the most recognisable and helpful member of the SAP Developer Network community, defending SDN in similar terms.

Anne complained that SDN didn’t give her enough information about some newer topics, but Craig pushed right back. He asked whether she had posted the question on SDN blogs, to ferret out some answers. The answer being no, Craig chided her to contribute more. Basically- you get out what you put in.

Craig had much the same conversation with Henry Brake of Arch Consulting, a boutique software and services company specialising in SAP and Adobe Forms integration. I have to admit, this was probably my high point of the day. Henry’s first thought is not to contribute to the community, its “how do I make money”. But unfortunately it means that Arch doesn’t contribute a great deal to SDN, or expect to get a great deal of it. I think Craig convinced him, and if that’s a solid result I dont know what is…”

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