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New Support Processes

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give you all an update on a new pilot which SAP Business One Global Support Center will introduce on August 4th. On this date support messages which we feel can be dealt with via the SAP Community Network (SCN) will be replied to with a standard template requesting the originator to post their question on the SAP Business One Forums. This pilot will initially be introduced in India and Americas, both north and south regions and for partners with more than 6 months of working with SAP Business One. We feel there are many reasons why we should leverage the befefits of the forums and hence is the main driver for this initiative. In the coming weeks you will see and hear many announcements relating to this intitiative and I would ask you to embrace the change.

Some of the benefits of working on the SCN include:

  • Varied answers to your question
  • Quicker answers to issues
  • Complex consulting questions can be answered
  • Networking
  • Promotion of various SAP Business One Addons
  • Multi language (English, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • SAP Business One Product Support are working on the forums
  • Create an online knowledge base
  • Source potential customers

In the last two months alone SAP Business One consultants have contributed over 2300 points in May and 2500 in June. However this will only work if you as the community continue to contribute and share your valuable knowledge with each other on a continuous basis.

Why Americas and India you may ask? The answer is quiet simple really. These two regions are today the major contributors on the forums and as we have provided the necessary language forums the can then leverage the knowledge.

It is important to note that most of the messages which we will direct to the forums will be “Consulting/How To” in nature. We will NOT direct messages which require dedicated support to resolve. These messages include bugs/corruptions/errors/performance issues/upgrade failure/etc. These should and will continue to be handled by our dedicated Support staff.

The forums are here for Q&A; SAP Business One Product Support will leverage this platform to let partners exchange their skills and knowledge on consulting/implementation issues but now with a bigger and broader audience than before. It is important to note that we will not take away anything which we deliver today but we will change the platofrm to one which is more suited to this type of knowledge delivery and knowledge sharing. Those issues which really require SAP Product Support will be handled by support as normal.

I wish again to thank all of you for your contributions to date. For those of you who will be new to the forums I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you in the top contributors list soon.

Paul Finneran
SAP Business One

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  • Hi Paul,

    >>support messages which we feel can be dealt with via the SAP Community Network (SCN) will be replied to with a standard template requesting the originator to post their question on the SAP Business One Forums.

    I truly admire the skill with which you are turning this unavoidable necessity into a virtue. While you’re at it, why not save some precious bandwidth and compress the standard template into four letters: ‘RTFM’ ?-)

    First they scaled down the development of the core product, now the same is happening to support services. This all makes perfect sense. When my German colleague was ordering additional B1 licenses, the sales representative asked: “why don’t you just migrate to Business-By-Design instead ?” 🙂

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Henry,

      >>First they scaled down the development of the core product, now the same is happening to support services.

      The plan is to enhance the support through the SAP Community Network. SAP has put dedicated support consultants into the forums to provide their help. The SAP Support Consultants are also acting as Forum Moderators. All this make it possible to save resources for supporting real problems (Bug related issues, etc.), because the shift to the SAP Community Network will only happen on consulting/ implementation related issues.

      Best regards,

      • Hi,

        As a long term contributor to the SDN, I’ve noticed a marked deteriation in the quality of the forums in the last 12 months, to the point where it is little more than a support site anyway. I guess it’s inevitable, as SAP support just aren’t coping, but I can fully understand Davinder and Henry’s frustration. There are too many people logging badly written questions, demanding an urgent response when it’s quite obvious they haven’t even tried to search the forums first. Whereas I applaud having more SAP moderators on the forum, they need to actually act as moderators (ie not simply answering questions but warning people about abuse of the forums). I grind my teeth every time I see a response from a forum member who is suggesting updating the database directly and SAP do nothing about it.

        Sadly, it’s hard to think of this as anything but an attempt by SAP to use us volunteer contributors as free support staff 🙁

        Kind Regards,


  • I’ll all for the forum use, but the forum should be an area to throw ideas around and maybe get input from other consultants around the world.

    B1 consultants that are supporting live clients however should be able to get in touch with SAP Support (via the current service marketplace). I believe a % of the implementation goes back to SAP for both support and maintainance; and the issue with using the forum for support would be the response time as well as the accuracy of the forum support.

  • Hi All,
    Firstly, thank you for your comments. It is good to get a feel for the community. I would like to clarify that the forums are here for Q&A, how to, implemetation, consulting type questions which can then be used by the wider community to create an external knowledge base for all SAP Business One Customers and Partners. Also support will use this plattform to let partners
    exchange there skills and knowledge on issues as they did before, but now with a much bigger volume and a broader audience. We will not take away anything which is provided today by Product Support, we are simply changing the platform.

    Paul Finneran

  • I am on this Forum for less than an year but in this time I have seen a lot of things happen. 

    Ofcourse, the interface and the new tags are some of the good things.

    But first, I have to agree with Owen on the quality of the questions.  I have seen question like 

    What is Business One?
    Future of Business One?
    List of partners in a location?
    Interview questions?
    Sample Questions from the Certification and many more …….

    These questions certainly do not portray the Focus and Purpose of the Forum.  Moreover the Forum is occasionaly being used as a place to market AddOn’s.  This is truely not the place for this…

    I have read the Forum Disclaimer from Darius but I do not think that anyone really follows that …

    I believe the Moderators of the Forum have to tackle some of these issues to keep the momentum going for the 6 months Pilot to be successful.

    I wish the vert best