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MDM Solutions for Merger and Acquisition.

Problem: A merger and acquisition activities are amalgamation of two companies where one corporation is completely occupied by another corporation. Merger and Acquisition has a great impact in any organization. Even after few years of Merger and Acquisition of organizations, we still find multiple ERP systems running in parallel. Such situation ends up with redundant data which impede organizational growth and business process, thus leading to tremendous cost.        


Solution: Such situation can be handled by MDM .Typical system landscape for using MDM for Multiple ERP system will be:




Landscape Explains:


  1. Activation of Business content.
  2. Extraction of Customizing Table Data from both the ECC systems to MDM as Reference data using Generic Extractor.
  3. Extractions of General Data from both the ECC systems using Local Extract Program. (MDM_CLNT_EXTR) via Process Integrator.
  4. Data enrichment in MDM
  5. Syndication of Data from MDM back to ECC system using Process Integrator.


Challenge in MDM: The real challenge lies in consolidating customizing data which is used as reference data in MDM, as in both the ERP system it may be different. While merging (in MDM) reference data also gets merged (i.e. we have to maintain reference data from any one system). So at the time of posting data back to ECC system, it will not accept changed customizing data.





Here Classification is a customizing Table (TKUKT) in R/3, where both the ERP systems have different data in this table, so while merging (in MDM), data from either of the system has to be maintained, and in this case ERP won’t accept changed customizing data.


The Key to the problem lies in Customizing Business Content where Customizing table which are maintained as lookup table in MDM must be maintained as Lookup Qualified Table and instead of Merging, data from customizing table should be appended.

Finally syndicating data with key only,so  customizing data repective to systems can be effectively posted back to R/3.




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